Beginning with an end

My first post on my first blog! I am rather excited šŸ™‚

So. I am 24 years old, I live on the south coast of England, and I have…issues, heh. Actually, that sentence is only half true. I have lived on the south coast on England for most of my life, but I am currently at the University of York, writing this from my room in Goodricke College. I’ve been here since October, but unfortunately I am leaving next Sunday. I have relapsed horribly with my eating disorder in the four months I’ve been studying physics here, and this past week I finally decided that I needed to go home to get better again. There isn’t much in the way of treatment for eating disorders up here, and I think if I try and hang on until the end of term I will most likely end up in hospital. Back home, the last time I was this unwell I attended a very good day programme at the local EDU, and I am hoping that by going home now I can get back there in time to avoid having to go inpatient.

It was a tough decision. This is the third time I have dropped out of university. I studied psychology at Cardiff in 2004 for six months before I became too depressed to function, and after recovering a bit started an Occupational Therapy degree at Bournemouth university, but after 18 months was admitted to hospital as I was suicidal. This was my last chance at ‘normal’ university really, I can’t afford to keep trying and accumulating student debt with no degree to show for it. I am planning on studying with the Open University from now on, and starting some voluntary work once my health is a bit better. So I am starting this blog with an ending: in eight days time I will be moving all my belongings back down to Dorset, and hoping that my assessment for the EDU there comes through as quickly as possible. I am sick of this illness messing up my life, and with any luck (and a lot of hard work) this will be the very last time that it does so. And so, this is also a beginning.


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