Thank you, mr delivery man :)

Part of my stash! Two types of Clive’s Pies – gluten free aloo gobi and french cassoulet – Clive’s Thai Veggie Curry and Aduki Bean Stew, B’Nice dairy-free Chocolate Rice Dream and Strawberry Rice Dream. I love Clive’s bakery – they do absolutely amazing vegetarian pies and meals, and a lot of them are vegan and/or gluten free too. I’ve found them in two independent health food shops so far, and you can buy them online. I’ve been wanting to try the ‘rice cream’ (hehe) for ages too, I ordered some last time I bought stuff from goodnessdirect but the lorry driver got lost, my boxes got returned to the warehouse and by the time they delivered them the next day it had melted. Grrr. I got a refund though, so I didn’t mind too much! Anyway, I had some of the chocolate after my lunch, and it was just wonderful. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t eaten ice cream for eighteen months (for allergy reasons, not ED ones), but it tasted just like I remember dairy chocolate soft scoop ice cream. Yay! I have also tried Booja Booja dairy-free ice cream, which is made with cashew nuts and agave syrup. That’s pretty spectacular too (the chocolate one was a bit too bitter, but the coconut was lovely), but the agave syrup did…interesting things to my digestive system. I think I prefer the rice cream!

I also got a box of chilled stuff – four Dragonfly’s Tattys (Dragonfly do a lot of soya products like burgers and sausages, but the tattys are just potato, onion and cabbage, like bubble and squeak. They are yum 🙂 ), and some of Booja Booja’s vegan chocolate truffles. I have had another variety of the truffles before and they were amazing, you wouldn’t have known they were dairy-free – but these weren’t so good. They were also sweetened with agave syrup to make them diabetic-friendly, and I think that made all the difference. They just tasted…wrong. I will have to go back to the regular ones. I didn’t choose these because they were sugar free, it was just that they were a new variety, they’ve never made plain chocolate truffles before – the other ones are ginger wine, banana cognac, champagne, coffee and hazelnut. The truffles will be going in the bin, methinks.

Thanks for the comments on my last post. If anyone else has any ideas they would still be gratefully received! I am getting bored of almond butter and rice cakes, and it just won’t do to get bored of almond butter…


3 responses to “Thank you, mr delivery man :)

  1. Yay, Katie got a delivery!I probably don’t have any helpful advice, but i just though i’d let you know i’m still here for you (if that’s okay?), i care, and i’m rooting for you, through the good and the bad!xoxoAnna

  2. Omg, I LOVE the feeling of getting a package in the mail. I just literally jump up and down and the neighbors go “what is wrong with this kid?”. Meh, the burrito was sodium-filled. But it gave me a boost of energy for work (I ish cashier :P)

  3. yay! so glad you finally got your package!! the finds look great and cant wait to hear your thoughts.

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