Spudzilla, the King of sweet potatoes!

VeggieGirl, are you around? This post is partly for your benefit!!

My sister’s boyfriend apparantly saw this and thought of me, hehe. Note the label – he really is a ‘spudzilla’!

I thought I’d shoot it next to a normal sized sweet potato for comparison purposes 😛

I think it looks a bit like a seal from this angle.

Now, what shall I do with him? Answers on a…comment form!


5 responses to “Spudzilla, the King of sweet potatoes!

  1. OMG! THAT IS HUGE!!!! May make some kind of mash?? Or just a big batch of fries and save some for later. Holy Moly! I still can’t get over how big that thing is!

  2. that is awesome! I vote for sweet potato pie 😀

  3. I request a hearty plate of sweet potato mash! I’ll need it in about an hour, please. 🙂

  4. rediscoveringlauren

    hey girliehaha that sweet potatoe is HUGE and definetly resembels a seal :)i vote a sweet potatoe pie or mash 🙂 either would be amazing!have a wonderful day hun, much lovexxx


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