The burning woman

I came across these as I was looking through my photos the other day. I think they are from 2005 – I used to go to a fire spinning group in Bournemouth gardens every Tuesday with my then-boyfriend, then we’d stay over at his flat afterwards. It was a lot of fun, but I stopped when Andy moved to a different town and I was too agoraphobic to be able to navigate all the trains and buses that late in the evening on my own. This first one is my favourite trick: I start from standing, lie on the floor, mess about a bit with some moves and get back up again, all while spinning the fire poi. I even freaked out some of the other fire spinners doing this! Don’t tell anyone, but it’s not actually that hard – it’s mostly a case of finding the guts to lie down on the ground whilst spinning two balls of firey kevlar around your head. Simple 😛

I think Andy must have taken these. He did his final project for his media access course that year on me doing poi. I wish I could see the final thing again, it was pretty cool, some of the group shots at night were amazing.

As an aside, these are all healthy-Katie photos. I would like to get back to this weight again, I think I looked ok.

One day I will go back to that group again. Can’t wait until I have my own car 🙂

Major heartburn+anxiety attack again last night, probably due to vast amounts of black pepper houmous at dinner! Maybe sometime this week I will get to sleep before 3am? It’s really scary, with the palpitations and chest pain and not being able to swallow, but I’m sure it IS reflux and anxiety rather than heart problems, because I’m not going cold, clammy, feeling sick and having various parts of my anatomy turn blue like they would if I were genuinely short on oxygen. Bah. It’s easy to be rational about this at 11am, but it’s a different story in the middle of the night. I am feeling terrible.

Three good things about yesterday, because I forgot 😛
1. Appointment with the nutritional therapist went well, she is helping me find some stuff to reduce the inflammation in my digestive system. I will try pretty much anything at this point, seriously.
2. Absolutely wonderful dinner, even if it did keep me up all bloody night! Baked sweet potato, black pepper houmous and carrot and beetroot salad (with more black pepper ground over the top – no wonder I was feeling so rough!). Yuuum 🙂
3. This is cheating because it happened this morning rather than yesterday, but my food intolerance test turned up. I’ll send it back out this afternoon and it should be back within two weeks – it only took one last time though. Hopefully the results will either give me something to work on or put my mind at rest.


9 responses to “The burning woman

  1. You look great in those photos, most of all because you’re doing something you love, and you look totally confidant about it!

  2. says the russian

    You are so beautiful (and freaking ballsy–spinning fire to me spells disaster, but I have no finesse). I hope you feel better soon. ❤

  3. those pictures are great- I’ve never heard of fire spinning! How long till car?!!!!!!! I am excited about the stuff you will be able to do!Too much black pepper would cause even the most strongest of digestive systems to have something to ‘say’…be careful chica!

  4. What great photos. I find it very sobering and sad-in-a-happy-way to go through old pictures… It’s weird to see that, hey, I was happy and healthy once!!I’m sorry you’re having so many problems with the palpitations. That is VERY scary!! I hope you get it figured out soon. Sounds like you have a helpful nutritionist to sort through what foods are ok…

  5. I’m so glad you have a blog! I missed you and at least now I can know what my Katie is doing, even from afar 🙂

  6. Rose 'n' Coffee

    Wow how amazingly cool do you look. What a great thing to do.Black pepper, coffee, chocolate, spicy foods get my heart racing sometimes. I don’t know if its my mind expecting it to happen now, or what, but I know how you feel. You totally remind me of how I used to feel. I used to have anxiety attacks too with the symptoms you describe. In the end I figured out why with help of my therapist and am now nearly anxiety free. I know it can make you feel something bad is happening to you.Things will get better I know they will.

  7. Cacti Don't Cry

    Those photos look like such fun!!Sorry about the palpitations… they do suck!! :(<3 ❤

  8. rediscoveringlauren

    hi girliewow that is SO cool!! your awesome 🙂 id be terrified to do that! aw im sorry about the pains in the night hun, they are awful :(im glad the appointment with the nutritional therapist went well :)have a nice night darlinxxxx

  9. moretolifethanlettuce

    AWESOME pics, love it! You’re so badass, and YES you look beautiful and healthy at this weight (and I mean that in the absolutely POSITIVE way, don’t let ED twist the definition of healthy!) so I hope you can get back to this weight soon!

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