Giveaway winner and photos :)

I’m going on a road trip from Sunday-Thursday so I decided to close my giveaway a day early, I hope no one minds!

I had to jiggle the list a bit because Kim asked not to be entered (she won my last one) and I inadvertently left a ‘ping’ comment too, d’oh. So, the final list of people to numbers was:

1. Aisha
2. Lauren (rediscoveringlauren)
3. blueeyedheart
4. Nancy
5. Lauren (ellemigliore)
6. Jemima
7. Hannah
8. Lindsey
9. Jessica
10. Telly
11. JW
12. Yummy
13. Emma
14. Keri
15. ikkinlala
16. Clarissa
17. Katrina

And the winner, courtesy of, is…

True Random Number Generator
Min: 1
Max: 17

Result: 6
Powered by RANDOM.ORG

(a stunning example of cutting and pasting, lol)

Jemima! Email me your address and you should have the parcel by Monday 🙂

Incidentally, on blogger most commenters used to end up with their names linked to their blogs, but I had a few first time commenters on that post and I don’t know how to find your blogs just from your names, so please send me the links, I love getting to know new people.

More housekeeping stuff – I am having a bad case of the disappearing comments again, I noticed on Hannah and Elllie’s blogs that my comments didn’t show up, even hours later. Maybe they went into spam folders? WordPress is odd like that sometimes. I don’t want anyone to think that I’m not reading their blogs. I hope it doesn’t sound a bit arrogant of me to assume that anyone would even notice if I replied or not, but I wouldn’t want anyone to think I didn’t care, cos I do, so there!

More giveaway excitement – I got a package from Aisha this morning after being one of her giveaway winners last week!


Dark chocolate peanut butter – my hero!! I love the bag too, it says ‘save the animals’ all over it, which is highly appropriate for a long term veggie 🙂 I am going to take it  out shopping with me later. And I had one of those coconut bars on my porridge a few months ago but haven’t seen them in Holland and Barrett for a while, so guess what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow! Thank you Aisha!

The dark blue background to so many of my photos is my bedroom carpet, by the way. While I was in my bedroom putting some of that stuff away I thought I would take another photo…of my dessert drawer. Oh yes.


Cofresh Pistachio cereal bars, Tesco dairy/gluten free chocolate muffins, Humdinger dairy free tangerine chocolate bars, Montezuma dark chocolate orange and geranium bar (there’s a plain dark chocolate one under that too – they do the best dark chocolate I’ve ever tasted), Humdinger dairy free chocolate buttons, free sample of Lizi’s granola, Provamel strawberry soya milk (waiting to find the bravery to try that one – I used to have weird reactions to soya milk, but I can eat tofu now so I thought I’d give the liquid version another try), Rice and Rice vanilla desserts (ahem…aka sugar in a pot 😛 but fabulous with some dark chocolate melted into them), and some fennel travel sweets. You can’t see them but there’s a package of DIY vegan marshmallows under the muffins as well! It never ceases to amaze me that I can keep things like this in my bedroom now and eat them in a calm, orderly manner rather than staring at them for weeks before throwing them away (last two years) or eating the entire contents of the drawer in one go and then nothing else for a week (previous nine years). Recovery rocks!

And finally, I shall leave you with a photo of a deer eating mum’s roses:


Alas, poor roses.

Three good things about today:
1. Aisha’s package arriving this morning
2. Getting to send my own package out – I really love giving people things 🙂
3. Half a can of artichoke hearts waiting for me in the fridge – I had the best pizza last night and I intend to repeat it today! My gluten free pizza bases come in packets of 2 and have to be used up within 48 hours after opening, which is a great excuse to eat pizza, as if I need another one! Yesterdays consisted of artichokes, onions and pecan nuts on a sauce of tomato puree, pumpkin seed butter and mixed herbs. Being allergic to everything can be fun, pizza always used to be just drowned in cheese when I was a kid, I never thoughts of making it with all the interesting ingredients I use now.


8 responses to “Giveaway winner and photos :)

  1. is a total mystery to me. Couldn’t make heads or tails of it. :p

    Don’t sell yourself short — of course people would notice if you disappeared / didn’t comment! I can only speak for myself for certain, but I would. :p

    Is that a small jar of DCD?? I wish I could find smaller jars…

    Poor roses, indeed… but a lovely picture nonetheless. 🙂

    ❤ ❤

  2. howimashpotato

    Oh my gossssshh!! I’ve NEVER won a giveaway before – so excited! Will mail you my address ❤ Thank you so much Katie!
    And I sure as hell WOULD notice if you disappeared! Your comments make my day – they're always so supportive and insightful. So don't you dare disappear or you'll have me to answer to 😉
    xxxxxxxxxxx x a million

  3. howimashpotato

    I’m not sure if I’m posting this twice or not but here goes (computer spazzing up)

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I’ve NEVER EVER won a giveaway before so this is super super exciting!! Thank you SO much girl! ❤ I'll email you my addy right now.

    And don't you DARE disappear – I sure as hell would notice! Your comments and support and insight and WISDOM makes my day 100% better. If you disappear, I'll be following you with a net to kidnap you with and drag you back (If I have commented twice, you'll notice the threats got progressively more drastic in this one – DON'T GO! 😉 )

  4. I’m sure everyone would miss you if you didn’t comment ~ you always have such insightful things to say! I’ve been having trouble commenting too and the exact same thing happens, so it’s not just you…darn WordPress.

    What you said about the dessert drawer resonated so much with me! Recovery does indeed rock. And very jealous of the rice desserts ~ they’re next on my hitlist to try after my DCD, but I’ll be ordering them online as the North East is officially the worst region in the country for finding vegan/allergy-friendly products.

    And yay for eating more frequently ~ I’ll remind people of the metabolism point the next time I get a ‘are you eating AGAIN!?’ comment!

  5. P.S New Midsomer Murders on tonight 8:00pm ITV 1 !!!!!! ; )

    • themilkfreeway

      omg I know! I was going to go swimming this evening but I have decided to sit in front of the TV instead now 😛

  6. Oh that package is awesome!
    I somtimes have that problem with commenting, too. But I always check my spam box to make sure.

  7. You’re so sweet, doing giveaways!

    The parcel you got looks great, and your blog has left me hungry for treats (again!)…I think I will have to try some Montezuma chocolate, I adore dark chocolate, and have been known to sneak the odd drop of geranium essential oil into chocolate cakes…mmmmm… geranium, rose, lemon, lime and more essential oils are edible in teeny quantities (two or three drops to a cake type quanities) they really make them zing! I made a lemon drizzle cake for my mother in law once and everyone wanted to know how I made it so lemony…mwahaha

    I went off on a tangent there…um..

    A deer! How lovely!

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