Oh, randomness

Random but also slightly disturbing: you know the wordpress statistics box? Although the view count drives me slightly batty (anything with numbers has this effect), the top searches is endlessly entertaining. Remember me writing about the bizarrely named bag of crisps my parents brought back from Finland a couple of weeks ago? The brand was ‘Mega Pussi’ 😛 Well, apparently someone found my blog by searching for that very term. For some reason I doubt they were looking for potato crisps.

I’ve been meaning to include this in a post for a few days – one of my friends posted it on facebook and it took me about half an hour to stop laughing (yes, you are correct in the impression that I am easily amused!). I thought it was a joke at first, but it’s not April 1st and it is actually a genuine news article the BBC website – I went back to the main site, searched for ‘zombies’ and up it came! OK, so how does one get funding for studying such a thing, and why have I never met anyone with punctuation in their surname before?! On reading this I considered changing my name to Kathleen: Marie! “C”…but then again, maybe not 😛

Three good things about today:
1. Rain is kind of depressing, but it’s nice to sit indoors and watch it bucket down – it makes me feel like some small furry animal in a burrow. Yes, I am odd. In the nicest sort of way, I like to think!
2. My digestive system has stopped being so weird. Yay! It was really freaking me out this morning but it calmed down after lunch. I credit sick puppy food – when our dogs are ill mum feeds them brown rice and boiled egg, and it works just as well on humans. Seriously! Obviously I eat from a china bowl rather than a dog bowl though 😛
3. I have done nothing but sit on my butt and read all day, and I don’t feel guilty about that at all. One day of resting when I’m not feeling great is not going to kill me or make a significant difference to my weight/shape. Ah logic, how I missed you.


3 responses to “Oh, randomness

  1. I did read your earlier post and it seems like it was a great outlet in making you feel a little more comfortable with your situation, and also it was so well written and considered that I think it will have helped many others too: exactly what blogging/posting should all be about. I don’t know how you managed to keep up the amazingly high standard of posts that you do…I run out of things to say and end up spouting the same old negative thoughts in a condensed stream of consciousness from the entire day.

    That article is just hilarious ~ I’m easily amused too ; )


  2. I have not yet read the morning post, oops.
    I’m glad I am not on wordpress, those stats would probably drive me mad but I would like the searches, they would be funny i guess.
    I like rain, it feels good after a long day of work and cold and lovely.
    Also I love that article and I am confused by the question mark in his name, it makes no sense.
    And woo for house, I am watching more episodes then I should be watching, oops.

  3. *giggles*
    I will never get over “Mega Pussi”, I am so immature 😛
    That article is awesome. I’m impressed with the blokes surname, although when he’s introducing himself it must sound like he’s forgotten his own name.

    My WP stats amuse me, the views per day looks like some kind of insame heart rate monitor or mountain range. But I agree, it can drive you made sometimes.

    Katie x

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