Yesterday me and Fiona went to London to have a look at the London Vegan Festival. Neither of us are vegan – I still eat eggs (I can’t eat tofu too often because it starts disagreeing with me, and my digestive system couldn’t cope with the huge amount of fibre I’d be eating if beans and nuts were my only sources of protein) and honey – but these things are always interesting. You may well have guessed that I love conventions and festivals by the fact that this is my fourth this year, after The Vitality Show (March – for some reason I didn’t blog about it? Bad blogger!), The Incredible Veggie Show (April – brilliant), and The Allergy and Gluten Free Show (June – too small but at least I was with Fi again so the day itself was fun).

We met up under the big clock at Waterloo and went straight to Wholefoods. I was sad because they only had one jar of the artichoke tapas I can never find anywhere in Dorset…so I guess that means I’ll have to go back up to London in a couple of weeks? Shame 😛

And this would be my salad 😀 it was actually about 75% different types of beans! It was really good, I love Wholefoods for not chucking dressing over everything like most salad bars – I can’t eat vinegar so pre-made salad dressings are usually a no-go area.


And here’s Fi!

After Wholefoods we went to the Vegan Festival. Oh, I am such a bad veggie. It was really crowded so we went in, did the rounds of the stalls, I bought half of the chocolate in the conference hall, and then we left again. I don’t think that these events are supposed to be purely for vegan chocolate looting purposes, most people probably go for the lectures and networking…but, uh, there were too many people there and I like chocolate. So yeah 😛

Since the festival was in Kensington we walked to the Natural History museum. We had a look at the dinosaurs and (my favourite) some of the interesting semi-precious minerals (including a piece of moon rock, which always makes me feel boggled!). At three we went outside so that I could eat my fudge cake for an afternoon snack! I picked this up at the festival, it was vegan and gluten free. I started eating it before I remembered to take a photo, hehe.


I confess, I left a bit of the icing in the middle. The icing was pretty much just cocoa, icing sugar and vegan margarine, and there was only so much of it I could eat in one go! It was pretty good – the cake itself was kind of dry and the icing was too sweet, but together it was perfect. Yummm. Not the sort of thing I’d usually eat as an afternoon snack, but what the hell!

Next we took the tube to Oxford street to drop in on Aisha at work. It was really good to meet her, hopefully next time I’m in London she won’t be working so we can have coffee or something 🙂

After a bit of window shopping me and Fi collapsed in a Starbucks until 5.30, when we went back to Waterloo. I found a really nice salad (and a packet of crisps – a 260 kcal salad doesn’t cut it for dinner!) from Marks and Spencer then went to catch my train. I booked in advance and quite often the first class single is cheaper than the standard single in the evening at weekends, so I got to sit in first class all the way home 😀

I ate this on the train – a vegan version of a Mars Bar! Wow, I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was. I probably don’t remember exactly what Mars Bars taste like because it’s been a good three years since I’ve had one, but it seemed like a good approximation to me. It’s made by an american company so I will just have to wait for the next festival/convention to find some more!


Apologies for the slightly blurry picture, the train was moving when I took this! This is my haul, from back left – two jars of dark chocolate spread, one jar of artichoke tapas, some peanut butter cups (holy yum!), Millionnaire’s shortbread, a coffee brownie thing, some chocolate honeycomb (obviously not real honey since it came from vegan territory, more like a crunchie), three cocoa orange Nak’d bars (ate one earlier in the day too!), a cashew cookie Nak’d bar, and a random caramel chocolate bar. All vegan, gluten free and entirely Katie-friendly. I ate the cashew cookie bar two hours into the train journey too, mostly because I was bored 😛


The Nak’d bars were OK – good for a cereal bar but not sweet enough for (my) dessert. I can’t eat them very often anyway because of the dates (I’m intolerant to the natural yeasts in dried fruit – one of the weirder restrictions on my diet!). I was actually quite ‘bad’ to my digestive system yesterday – I had a lot of dried fruit, my salad had barley in it and there was garlic in the salad dressing! I’m feeling relatively well this morning too, so that’s good. I find it entirely amusing that I ate chocolate fudge cake and a vegan mars bar at various times yesterday and yet see dried fruit and barley as ‘naughty’ 😛

And finally, this is my rice porridge this morning. It is purple because it has blackberries in it 😀 I just thought this was funny and had to share.


I hope everyone else had fun weekends too 🙂


15 responses to “London!

  1. I’m glad you and Fiona had lots of fun! Omg I love museums, especially ones with ancient things like tombs, scrolls, clothing… I love your new goodies! Those peanut butter cups sound amazing, haha!

  2. Sounds like fun! I love health/food festivals too…toying with the idea of the BBC Good Food festival 😀

  3. yay for Wholefoods, dinosaurs and Katie-friendly stash!
    I’m still laughing at the rice porridge thing, yours looks SO much more like porridge.
    also, go us for eating varied interesting stuff and only thinking of things which will make us ill as ones to be wary about 😛

  4. triumphofourtiredeyes

    Far too much tempting food in those photos. I’m glad you enjoyed your day in London with Fiona.

  5. Hi,
    Apparently your blog has an auto-trackback to mine atm, schweet. I went to the Festival for the chocolate as well, but the stalls were so crowded I didn’t do half as well as you! I had no idea there was such thing as vegan honeycomb chocolate, was it a random homemade thing or do you know if I can order it from somewhere? I think I’d probably go a long way to get hold of some of that…
    Amelia x

    • themilkfreeway

      hey 🙂 I noticed that our blogs were linked earlier too! The stall I got most of the chocolate from was run by – they sell the chocolate cinder toffee. I tried some with lunch and it was reeeally good!

  6. The Natural History Museum ❤
    I used to go there all the time as a kid when my grandparents lived near London! I was one of those really "cool" kids who'd rather go to the Natural History Museum or Science Museum than play sports or something.

    I like the purple porridge. Berries are always nice 🙂

    Katie x

  7. laurasworthlesswords

    🙂 Glad to hear you had a good time, Id love to go to a food festival sometime. Your salad looked lovely a nice mix of stuff, infact all your pics above look really good esp that cake!

  8. Ah, I order most of my bars from veganstore! I’m really nervous about the Pulsin Coffee Brownie ~ I hope you like it after I gave it such an amazing review… tastes are so subjective that I’m always a little hesitant to project that a particular product is particularly amazing or delicious. Hopefully the element of coffee essence in it will be okay for you: I’m pretty sensitive to caffeine and it didn’t give me any problems but I’m not sure how acute your reaction to it is…perhaps best not to eat it late at night lol (yeah, I don’t follow my own advice on that one!)

    Sounds like the festival was amazing; I wish they’d hold one further North.

    Mmm, purple porridge…I really need to start turning my own porridge pretty colours besides orange using pumpkin.

    I am both blushing and grinning at your comment ~ I use fellow bloggers who run as inspiration to run further / faster too, but I never imagined anyone would with me. I’ve gone all coy and shy now… ; )

  9. I went to the Vegan Festival too!! I found it really busy though and it was pretty stuffy in there so I didn’t stay too long! You got some great choccie goodies though! The vegan mars mars sounds amazing!

    I loaded up on soy jerky at the festival, which I love! I didn’t get any cake there though! I went outside for some fresh air and there was a massive queue to get back in : (

    Wholefoods is so amazing isn’t it? I would get all my shopping there if I could afford to!

  10. It looks like you had an awesome time — why don’t we ever have these fairs here?! (Or maybe we do and I just don’t know about them since I can’t eat 99% of it anyway! ;))

    I love the pretty purple bowl… I’m very sad that the berry season is over. 😦

    ❤ ❤

  11. ooooooooooh I should have been there selling books and cakes! Maybe next year…. Sounds like you had a crazy hectic and chocolate fuelled time and your choccie haul looks pretty impressive. Check out my profile on DWW btw, I feel all official now. I’m thinking about writing a post on helpful books soon, what do you reckon?


  12. I’m glad you enjoyed London, it rocks very much. Also you did not freak me out, I was very happy to see you and give you a hug, you seem so tall in your pictures I was surprised you are tiny. We definitely should go out for coffee some time, it would be nice.
    Well done on all the chocolate, I am sad I missed it, but I dislike mars bars, so I guess I did not miss out.
    The weird thing is, I live in London, so kinda near the giant whole foods, and I’ve been many times, yet I’ve never had anything from their hot/salad bar, I always get so confused by the many choices I walk out cos it hurts my head to decide what I want.

  13. WOW. Sounds like a great festival, glad you had fun:)

    The food looks great, especially your salad…for a minute I was squinting and wondering, hey, where’s the greens?! (is being silly)

    • themilkfreeway

      Lettuce is the root of all evil 😛 if I get to pick what’s in a salad green stuff never seems to make it in!

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