A ‘uniquely English’ afternoon :P

An unusual occurance on my blog – a picture heavy post 😉 I thought I would post some of the photos I took at the Folk Festival today! I can’t say that I know much about Morris dancing beyond the fact that there are a lot of bells involved, but after googling I discovered that it dates back to the 15th century and is thought to be a ‘uniquely English activity’, although there are groups in other countries these days. I have to confess too that I tried it out myself when I was about 11, and it is a lot of fun! I am a sucker for anything involving bells and ribbons…

We had happy Morris dancing ladies…

Morris dancers…with a plastic lobster?! (Can you see it? Look at what’s trailing behind the man in front :P)

Slightly scary Morris dancers!

Um…belly dancers? (I thought these guys were great, I am inspired by any woman who is comfortable enough with their body to perform like this in front of thousands of people!)

Morris dancers who look like they are taking part in an advert for washing powder for your whites 😛


and Morris dancers with proper bells! I love bells 😀


There were about 50 teams altogether and they were all different. I spotted quite a few young people dancing, including some teenage boys – I think that’s really nice, these traditions should be kept up. Good for them!

After the procession we went and had a look at the craft fair and clothing stalls. Prepare to just about die of jealousy people, these are THE COOLEST earrings I have ever seen in my life:


Licorice allsorts! Brilliant 😀 and they were only £4, so I had to buy them.

I made a pact with Fi yesterday – she was making pizza for dinner and wondered what other bloggers would make of what she was putting on it, so I said if she took a photo of hers I’d take one of mine this evening and post it 😛 so here it is! I used a gluten free pizza base with tofutti soya cream cheese for a sauce, with onion, mushroom, cauliflower and pistachios on top. Pistachios on pizza sounds kind of weird but they are SO damn good, and anyway, it would be all white if not for the green nuts! My sister ruined the effect slightly by saying that the pieces of chestnut mushroom in the middle looked like a pair of bollocks. Thanks for that, Claire 😛 although I do see her point!


Three good things about today:
1. If you can’t tell from the photos, the weather was beautiful. I love sunny days in September 🙂
2. I got my parents to buy me a lovely blue silk skirt from the clothing stalls for my birthday 😀 now I have to forget about it until the 22nd…hehe
3. Not only am I watching The X factor, but after about a decade of insisting that she hates anything to do with reality TV, my mum has suddenly developed a huge crush on Simon Cowell so it is now acceptable television on a Saturday evening! She even insists on watching the recap show (The Extra Factor, lol) for an hour afterwards, hehe. Ahh, guilty pleasures 😉


5 responses to “A ‘uniquely English’ afternoon :P

  1. I had a huge smile plastered on my face reading this post! I love the scary, gothic morris dancers…if I was to join a morris dancing gang, I’d go with them. Actually I now have visions of a morris dancer face-off, break-dancing style.

    Those really are the coolest earrings I’ve ever seen! They’re totally adorable…would be difficult not to nibble your ear though perhaps ; ) Okay, so that came out slightly wrong.

    I wonder if biting into a bollock-mushroom pizza isn’t making some kind of semiotic feminist statement?

    Aww, I watched the X-Factor as well ~ that 82 year old guy was so sweet and such an abysmal singer…bless him.


  2. i WANT those earrings!!!

  3. Looks like a really cool day (not temperature-wise, obviously!) … and do I need to even mention that I love the earrings?! I think not. :p

    ❤ ❤

  4. laurasworthlesswords

    I always thought Morris Dancing look quite fun, Id maybe give a pass on the outfits though!

    I love your earings, not sure I couldnt resist the urge to have a nibble though.

  5. those earrings are amazing! i’ve seen some similar looks little gingerbread men ones. adorable much?

    and um, where are the pictures of you getting down with your bad self with the morris dancers? 😉

    glad you had a good day followed by a good pizza!

    L. x

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