Birthday recap!

Thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday! Extra thank yous to Fi and Jemima who spent the day with me yesterday and Katie, Jessica, Antonia and J who sent me presents and/or cards. Katie sent me a Happy Beetroot! He’s always been my favourite of her vegetable paintings, hehe. Jessica sent me two paintings of dalmatians which are really beautiful too 🙂 I also received quite a large amount of vegan chocolate from various sources…you guys know me far too well, I think I have enough to keep me going until Christmas now! I unwrapped my presents from my family when I got back from London at nearly 10pm to find…more chocolate 😛 plus DVDs, books, clothes etc. My dad bought me a year’s AA membership (the automobile association, NOT alcoholic’s anonymous 😛 ) which will be very useful seeing as my car keeps trying to break down on me! It got checked out yesterday and the scary noise it was making was apparently due to the exhaust trying to fall off, which is entirely my fault because I drove it over a huge branch by mistake a few days ago. Oops.

I had a lovely day in London yesterday. I got there at about 11, met Fi at Waterloo then went to Wholefoods to meet Jemima. I stocked up on more chocolate peanut butter and bought some vegan chocolate truffles as a birthday present to myself! We had lunch there (obviously, seeing as I am quite in love with their salad bar – although a huge pile of roasted vegetables and beans followed by vegan chocolate mousse is stretching the definition of ‘salad’ quite significantly!) then went to Camden, where I bought a pair of – wait for it – pink corduroy flares. Oh yes. I don’t know if Ellie will remember this because it was ages ago, but eight years ago when I was in London with her and some other girls I bought some green ones in the exact same style from the part of Topshop on Oxford street with all the independent labels, and then proceeded to love them to death until very recently! They now have a hole in them in a very unfortunate place so I thought I needed a replacement pair 😛 Twenty five isn’t too old to wear pink flares is it? Well I don’t care if it is! While we were in Camden we also went to my favourite shop that sells poi but unfortunately I own a pair in every style they have in there already, although I did get to demonstrate what you do with them to Jemima! Just as well I couldn’t find any new ones, I already have about 15 pairs…

After getting a bit overwhelmed by Camden we went to Oxford street to wander around the shops. We went to Selfridges, where I continued the theme of being all grown up now and bought Marshmallow fluff. We also went to Topshop, sat in a Starbucks for ages and then walked to Leicester square so I could eat dinner (all of that took about five hours!). Just as well we found somewhere to sit down when we did because my blood sugar decided to go wonky and my brain switched off a bit 😛 people can always tell when I’m hungry because I go quiet, start walking into things and can’t string a coherant sentence together! At least it’s amusing for anyone watching I suppose. After sitting in Leicester square for about an hour we got back on the tube, me and Fi got off at Waterloo and caught our trains home. I was sad to say goodbye to Fi. We met up in person for the first time in June 08 after knowing each other for a few months online. We both lived down south and were going up north to start university again in the autumn, so we were ‘going to university buddies’, lol. That quite quickly turned into ‘being ill at university buddies’ and then ‘leaving university for treatment buddies’ – we both left within a fortnight of each other. Fi is going back to uni on Sunday and it makes me sad to think that she will be so far away that we can’t just randomly arrange to meet up, and it also makes me really wish that I hadn’t relapsed and ruined my last chance at university. But it’s over now, there’s no point regreting things that have happened and can’t be changed, I just have to make the best of what I CAN do. And I have my fingers, toes, arms, legs and individual strands of hair all crossed this time university will 100% better for Fi this time 🙂 Good luck Fi, I will hopefully see you at Christmas *hug*

Photos! I was too busy having fun to remember to take any yesterday, oops – but I took some of my loot this morning! Sorry for the crappy light in my bedroom, I only just noticed, doh.


Beetroot from Katie, Dalmatians from Jessica, notebooks from Fi and Jem, necklace from Antonia.


Pink flares! I consider it a mark of my progress in recovery that I went to London and came back with something other than just food, hehe


Beautiful blue silk skirt I picked out at the folk festival last week – mum wrapped it up and gave it back to me yesterday!


Chocolaaaate! From Fi, Jessica, Jemima, my brother and…myself! There was more of it but it got eaten. Yum.


Roasted vegetable soup from Monday – it tasted a lot better than it looks 😛 but I had to show you what a brilliant colour it was! Beetroot is great stuff.

I’m feeling OK today, a bit anticlimactic though. I was hoping I’d be further along by my 25th birthday than I am – I wanted to be at my target weight, to have a part time job or some voluntary work, to be going out a lot more. I’m only 5lbs short of my target so I’ve done pretty well on that front, I have this second interview on October 8th and I am getting out of the house a lot more than a few months ago…so I’m not sure why I feel a bit disappointed in myself really. I think it’s probably just me being obsessive and wanting to start my 26th year with everything sorted out. I want all of this out of the way with, I want to start doing something with my life. Unfortunately the slow and frustrating approach is necessary so that the anorexia and co don’t screw things up for me again next time I have finally put things back together. It’s OK. I’ll get there eventually. Today I will be happy with blogging, eating, studying and…gymming 😛 Lets leave the epic adventures for a few more months, hmm?

Three good things about today:
1. Despite the rather enormous amount of food containing garlic I have eaten over the last couple of days, my digestive system is behaving itself remarkably well. As Terry Pratchett might say, clearly the ‘oh God’ of digestive disorders is taking a day off 😛
2. I have chilled out about my physics work – I mean I’m on week three of the work and the course doesn’t even start until October 2nd, wtf am I worrying about?!
3. We had leftover soya milk from the sticky toffee pudding the other night, and I made hot chocolate with it earlier. This is a big deal. Soya milk used to make me feel really sick, as did soya mince etc. I am emetophobic so obviously it is very difficult for me to eat anything I have had even a mild reaction to in the past. Since I’ve been to able to eat tofu sometimes over the last few months without getting ill I thought I would be brave and give soya milk another go. So, I drank something which had a good chance of making me feel very unwell…and I was fine 🙂 Katie 1, allergies AND emetophobia 0.


6 responses to “Birthday recap!

  1. Oh oh, love the silk skirt and the birthday booja booja!!!

    He’s not only a beetroot, he’s THE beetroot, you have an original painting my girl 🙂

    Don’t worry about wishing you were further along…. I don’t know what it is with our skewed assumptions about our futures, but I know many people including myself who expected everything to have ‘fallen into place’ by 25. And, whether mental health issues have eaten (sorry for the pun!) years of their lives or not, very few I know have got there, wherever there is. I regularly beat myself up for not having a more established career, a flat with more than one room, a marriage, a mortgage, whatever…until I remember that it doesn’t matter that much so long as I’m happy with what I’ve. Mostly I am 🙂

    Also, having everything up and together and moving on with your life probably aren’t things that will happen one after the other: more likely the latter will help the former, and it seems you are getting on fine with both already.

    Great news about the 2nd interview btw!!!


  2. I’m glad that you enjoyed your birthday!! There’s no such thing as “too old” for any particular type of clothes… especially not these days!! 😉

    Birthdays, I think, are always anti-climactic. It’s so much easier to focus on the things we haven’t yet done than it is to pay attention to what we have accomplished… and you’ve come such a long way in just the last few months. It might be “boring,” but you’re right on the “slow and steady” track!

    ❤ ❤

  3. sounds like you had a great day!

    and you definitely came back with some lovely buys ❤

    don't feel 'disappointed' with your progress – you are doing some well Katie. always feel pride in your achievements because the rest of us feel it on your behalf. you have been through so much and come out the other side.

    L. x

  4. So happy you had a brilliant birthday! Pink flares=love…if anywhere sold them any more I would still own multiple pairs of deep pink/magenta courderoy flares. I grew out of my old pairs (I had pink, purple and black…at least the black ones still fit, although they are *cough* nine years old and still going strong). The replacements you got are great, and that skirt is to die for. Clothes like that seem to ‘wear me’ as opposed to the other way around because I don’t have very defined features and the detailed pattern is all people see ~ you carry them off beautifully though!

    I am enormously relieved that you liked the dalmatian pics ~ I’m used to working to commissions where people give me specific stylistic requests, so I just had to guess a little with yours! That and since the credit crunch I haven’t had much practice at commissioned pieces so I was afraid I’d gone rusty (perhaps literally lol)

    As everyone has said, you set yourself such a high target in terms of achievement that it’s inevitable that you’d be a little disappointed (totally erroneously!) in yourself. Seriously though, you just don’t give yourself enough credit ~ your progress with the physics degree just exemplifies how far ahead you are in every intellectual respect compared to most people. You ARE getting there, when so many people would have given up on life altogether if they’d endured the hardships that you have.

  5. laurasworthlesswords

    I just love your skirt! Its beautiful and those trousers are so cool as well, I want a pair!! Camdens really nice, I liked it when I went there, a good place to pick up those quirky little things.
    Im glad to hear you had a good birthday it sounded fun 🙂

    You are an extremely intelligent and motivated individual but your also to modest! You achieved so much already and Im sure you will hit all those other targets you want to it just takes a little time 🙂

  6. Bahahaha your chocolates are tempting… I must fly over now and grab all of them! >:) I’m glad you had such a lovely time with your friends! And yes, you are being SO grown up 😛 I think I would always buy my favorite childish things even when I’m like 30 years old. Love your flares and dress!

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