Die jeans die! (the sequel)

Remember this? Does anyone want to play a part in the sequel? 😛

I got up this morning, looked in my wardrobe and decided that it was a day for jeans. Thanks to a decade of EDNOS preceding the last three years of anorexia I have clothes in three sizes (I threw everything in the fourth, smallest size out a couple of months back), so I have a pile of things that have been too big me for a while sitting in my wardrobe underneath the clothes that are hung up. I realised that I hadn’t worn jeans in a while and lo and behold, when I tried on the ones currently in circulation they DID fit, but I certainly wouldn’t want to eat/sit/bend over/breathe while wearing them 😛 and by the way, this didn’t bother me in the slightest. Weird, eh? I wore these jeans all through my first term in York (the ones that got burned in May were my second term, really-sick jeans) so I was a good 10-15lbs smaller and a good 10-15lbs more miserable and zombified when they did fit me, it’s no great loss! Anyway, I had a root around in my wardrobe, found my pile of next-size-up-jeans, and discovered some that were a perfect fit.

But that still leaves me with the question of what to do with these:

Since they are too tatty to go to charity, I considered a number of devious endings (including the boring option of just throwing them away!) but then I thought of a better idea. I am going to put it to my readers!

What do you want to see happen to these jeans? I’ve done burning already – if I don’t get any more creative suggestions I would not be averse to a little more pyromania 😛 but I would really like to do something different this time. The more original and the more twisted, the better. I have some ideas so if no one can come up with anything that’s fine, I will have my own wicked way with them, but it would be so much more fun if I could act out someone else’s idea of the perfect method of death for anorexic jeans!

Answers in the comments! 😉


13 responses to “Die jeans die! (the sequel)

  1. I think you should cut them into pieces and do something artsy (because you’re so wonderfully artsy) with the pieces 🙂

  2. determinedtoshine

    Why dont you save them for bonfire night and use them to make an anorexic Guy Forks? Then throw it on a bonfire, naturally 🙂

  3. make them into a bag, cushions or give them to the dogs to sleep on!? scarecrow for the veggie patch?? wind socks?? alternative hanging baskets for next years flowers?? i’ll stop now LOL

  4. I’ve always liked the idea of making all my ‘sick’ clothes into a sort of art project. But I can see how that would feel like I was hanging on to them, in a way. I definitely love the fire idea, but as you’ve already done that… maybe you could cut them up into pieces and write a false belief about yourself (you know the ones :/) and THEN burn them all? It would be another dimension to pyromania, haha.


  5. *write a false belief about yourself on each of the pieces, then burn. (in case you didn’t know what I meant. apparently I leave out big chunks of sentences today!)

  6. I tried to make a pair of my jeans into a skirt…..it was an utter disaster. Hope you’re okay.
    Thanks for the comment

  7. Argh…I feel like I’m on the verge of some epiphanic / genius moment where I have a brilliant idea about what to do with the jeans but I just can’t think! All I can come up with right now is to draw a pattern of female figures with all different body shapes on them and then somehow cut the shapes out so that their negative images form holes in the jeans but I’m not sure how that would work logistically…

    Hmm, if ideas were graded, then I think I’d get a ‘must try harder’ lol. My brain is just addled from lack of sleep!

    Whatever you do decide to do with them I can’t wait to read about it…the tension is unbearable!


  8. I completely forgot to email you, but please send me the password.
    Also make them into a bag or something, and all other stupid clothing. It’s really weird, I have this one pair of jeans that are my skinny jeans, huge flair jeans that have only ever fitted me once, I should chuck them away unfortunately I am still waiting for the day I fit back into them.
    But yes seriously do something pretty and arty with them them and show pictures of them burning (i love fire, it smells and looks so pretty).

  9. Katie,
    I was wondering if I could continue to read your blog. I totally understand why you are going private and won’t be offended at all to be left off the list since we don’t really know each other, but I read your blog every day and find it so inspiring. I appreciate your honesty and the way you look at things, how you don’t have to have pretty pictures of what you ate to make the blog helpful to you.

    If I can be on “the list” please let me know!

  10. triumphofourtiredeyes

    Put your physics knowledge to good use… see if you can devise a dual rocket system (one for each leg) and see how close to space you can get them.

    I’m well impressed with your attitude to not being concerned with your clothes sizes.

  11. I would love to see you do something arty with them too — you’re so talented like that!! If you don’t like the way it turns out, then you can burn them. 😉 Or put them down a garbage disposal? That should be interesting.

    And I disagree that they’re too tatty for charity — have you seen the jeans people are wearing lately?!

    ❤ ❤

  12. Best Idea Ever… find a place with stray dogs, or cats, something… as long as they’re hungry. Then, tie off the legs and the waist of said jeans after you fill them with some day old breas/meat/discounted pet food. Then just let the animals tear into them like the panel at a Bob Saget roast. Epic.

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