And sometimes, everything goes…right!

I have so much to post about I don’t know where to start. I definitely won’t run out of things to write about over this weekend!

I went to Brighton yesterday. My friend J is thinking of applying to one of the universities down there and since I live on the South coast he asked if I wanted to come along. I actually live three hours away from Brighton by train but I had never been before and I hadn’t seen J for a few months, so off I went. I managed to re-pull the muscle in my leg running for a connecting train so I was doing my best Dr House impression by the time I got there, painkiller popping and all 😛 but otherwise it was a really nice day. We both got there at about 11.30am and went to find some lunch in the city. We had planned to go to a restaurant but I chickened out when we got there. It was nothing to do with calories, I get anxious about eating in places I have never been to before because I worry about things on my epic list of allergies getting into my food. I didn’t want to end up getting really ill 150 miles from home! We went to Marks and Spencer instead, then to the university. It reminded me a bit of York – lovely grounds but less than scenic 60s architecture, although in that respect it had nothing on York, some of the university buildings there look like they are part of a prison! After an hour or so of wandering around the university (including time I spent getting lost looking for the loo!) we went back into town and walked down to the pier. There were a flock of probable starlings swooping around the pier like a cloud of very large mosquitoes, and I got a bit stuck watching them 😛 I wish I could have made a quick video of them but they didn’t come out very well on my phone, the camera isn’t good enough. I got a photo of the seafront and the old burned pier anyway.

The weather started getting pretty bad after that so we hid in Cafe Nero for an hour then went to catch our trains home. I had a really nice day – it’s not very often that I get to spend so much time with someone around my age who I feel comfortable with. I kept thinking that I was talking too much or being bored or not making sense – I don’t get out much and my social skills are rusty to say the least – but I mostly managed to ignore my head and have fun 🙂 Thank you for a lovely day J!

I took this photo a few days ago just before I wrote this post. I suddenly noticed how much nicer my nails are now I’ve been eating properly and taking calcium supplements religiously for months on end. I don’t think a photo of my hand is very interesting really but I am proud of my nails, so there 😛

I haven’t taken any photos of my food recently but I had such a colourful lunch that I decided to make an effort. I had homemade bean burgers made from haricot beans, onion, carrot, beetroot, coriander cumin and turmeric. I love using beetroot in veggie burgers, eating bright pink food is fun! I also made sweet potato chips, seasoned with coriander, cumin and turmeric again, and cooked in olive oil and honey. Not that sweet potatoes aren’t sweet enough, but cooking them in a little bit of sugary liquid makes them much crispier and I like that 🙂


After lunch I went to therapy, which was…interesting. I was talking about something really difficult but it was good in that I felt OK afterwards, and it’s such a confidence boost to know that I can talk about scary things without going to pieces every time. I will post about that tomorrow though because if I get started now I’ll be here all night, lol.

When I got home I discovered that my latest physics assignment had been sent back to me by my tutor. I got 93%!!! This is some kind of miracle, since I was SURE that I had gotten one question worth 16 marks completely wrong. I’m feeling very pleased with myself now, hehe.

This has been the best week I’ve had in a long time. I think the things that made the difference were meeting up with people – at the ED support group on Tuesday and with J yesterday – and finally having the beginnings of a plan for what I am going to do next year – starting the counsellling course and some voluntary work with Rape Crisis. Hopefully I can get involved with the local ED charity as a volunteer too but I would definitely settle for going along to the groups for the social stuff in the meantime.

I am spending the weekend sitting on my butt, hoping that my leg will start behaving itself again if I rest it. I am coping pretty well with not exercising so far, I haven’t cut down on my intake at all, but I don’t want to start losing my cardiovascular fitness because I’ve worked so hard to build it back up, so I might start going swimming in a few days. If my leg isn’t better by Monday I’m taking it to the doctor, I am sick of limping everywhere!

Three good things about today:
1. The food – as well as my interesting lunch I had chocolate rice porridge for breakfast and dinner was mashed turnip and potato with marinated (in olive oil, honey, salt and pepper) and grilled smoked tofu. I also spent a ridiculous amount of money on food in various supermarkets today, half of which was different basics which I seemed to have run out of all at once…but the other half was all comfort food. You know how it’s not a good idea to go food shopping when you’re hungry? It’s also not a good idea to go food shopping straight after therapy 😛 oh well, as long as I don’t eat it all at once!
2. My therapist rocks. I say this every Friday. I think it needs repeating though!
3. This also needs repeating: 93%!!! My favourite sort of surprise 😀


3 responses to “And sometimes, everything goes…right!

  1. Congratulations on your mark! That’s incredibly impressive, especially at such an advanced level.

    So happy that you had such a good day in Brighton: I love the lighting in that photo.

    Your bright pink food is inspired…I need to start getting more creative with beetroot. I’m the same when food shopping though…I eat up everything in the cupboards so nothing gets wasted but then go out and buy a million bars at a time (or stay in and do the same…darn you online shopping!)

    Hope tomorrow is equally as brilliant as today


    P.S 93% !? It needs reiterating: you are a genius (not that I didn't know that anyway)

  2. Totally Detached

    WOW 93%!! That’s pretty damn well perfect, or as close as makes no difference anyway! Congrats 🙂

    Your burger looks amazing, might have to get that recipe off you if poss? I heart beetroot but always just eat it out of the jar! I’m terrible with pickles I eat them in front of the TV like popcorn!

    Your nails look lovely, I’m v envious! I’ve never ever ever been able to grow mine, they’re really weak and break and peel, it’s horrible. I might try calcium supplements then if they’ve had such an impact on yours.

    Did you like Brighton? I really want to go, sounds like such a cool place! The photo of the saefront looks ace even in this less than perfect weather. Sorry about your leg though. Remember: “You’ll mend it best with lots of rest 🙂 ”

    Glad you’ve got a great therapist as well. Yay for everything being awesome, long may it continue xx

  3. Wow! Such an awesome week! I’m glad that you had a fantastic trip to Brighton even with the pulled muscle and then to get such a fantastic mark on your assignment is brilliant!

    Well done Katie 🙂 I’m glad you had such a nice week. I know things haven’t been easy lately and its great that some positives came along to help pick up your spirits :).

    Very cool :):):) *hugs*

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