This is not studying!

I started writing a terribly serious post yesterday but got distracted (this must be the most common phrase on my blog) and didn’t finish it in between studying and going to the ED support group, as I said I would 😀 take that strange-night-time-agoraphobia-hangover. I can’t be thinking about stuff like that this time of the morning so I’m going to do this meme that Jessica tagged me for instead 😛

1. Favorite variety of apple?
This may be mild blasphemy considering that I am a recovering anorexic, and that everyone knows that anorexics only eat lettuce and apples (bahaha) but I don’t like apples very much. My IBS doesn’t like them either. Sainsburys do nice organic gala apples, but I only know they are gala apples because it says so on the plastic bag, and other than that I couldn’t tell different types of apples apart if you paid me to. Doh.

2. Apples dipped in..?
Cashew butter, no contest. Although the best thing to do with apples in my book is to stew them in a saucepan with sugar and mixed spice for ten minutes.

3. Favorite way to enjoy pumpkin?
I fail at this meme because I only ate pumpkin for the first time last month, and I really did not get what all the fuss is about. Is it because it only has 20kcals per 100g cooked? 😛 I don’t know what I did to it the first few times but it was bitter and I was not impressed, although in the pumpkin’s defense it may have been underripe or something. I did eventually manage to make it edible by roasting it with olive oil, maple syrup, coriander, cumin and turmeric. I will stick to acorn squash, even if it is twice the calories.

4. Favorite soup? With crackers or bread?
This one I can do! When I was ill I used to eat this crappy packet soup every day, so I couldn’t face soup in recovery for months. I started making my own again in the last few weeks. It generally consists of any suitable vegetable I can find – potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips, squash, carrots, beetroot – some vegan/gluten free vegetable stock and some beans. I can’t eat bread because even the gluten free variety has yeast in it (and yes, the natural yeast in sourdough disagrees with me just as much) so I usually make sure the soup itself has enough calories/carbs/protein/fat and eat it on it’s own. My mum is in awe of my ability to cram calories into something as innocent looking as soup. I could give those Maudsley mums a run for their money.

5. Do you eat orange foods all year round?
Sweet potatoes and carrots are a necessary part of my life.

6. Most used spice in your autumn cooking:
I seem to flavour everything with coriander, cumin and turmeric. It is wonderful on roasted vegetables. I use ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg in my rice porridge though, because curried rice porridge would not be so great.

7. You are baking some homemade bread, what flavor combination of bread would you like to make?
I have been known to make sweet potato and rosemary bread, which – given the milk/gluten/yeast free business – was more like a savoury cake than bread, but it was absolutely gorgeous. I did find a good Katie-friendly bread mix in a health food shop a few months back which made something approaching bread; the remaining pieces are still in my freezer.

8. Favorite autumn vegetables and ways to eat it?
Turnips, mashed with a bit of vegan margarine, salt and pepper. I also bought an acorn squash for the first time last week and decided it was the Best Squash Ever, although I have a Kabocha sitting in my veg rack waiting to be my dinner sacrifice this evening, so I might have changed my mind in seven or eight hours time 😛

9. Hot chocolate, hot cider, coffee or tea?
I’ve said it before and I will say it again: hot chocolate made with oat milk. I can only drink it every so often because oat milk doesn’t really agree with me – it’s not gluten free and it’s fortified with B vitamins which are derived from yeast. But after so long avoiding it I can just about get away with it, say, once a week. It is like heaven for the hot-chocolate-deprived. I also drink ginger tea every morning and my other favourites are blackcurrent tea (tastes like hot ribena!) and apple and cinnamon tea. Herbal tea. So rock and roll of me.

10. Favorite seasonal dessert?
Tesco’s milk/gluten free chocolate muffins are my favourite dessert all year round! But if I have to choose something seasonal I would say I am very much looking forward to eating mince pies again this year, having found a suitably un-allergic variety at last. I’m not meant to eat dried fruit or vinegar (natural yeasts…yawn) but if I kind of space out the eight I have bought over a few weeks it shouldn’t hurt too much 😛

11. Lets make a fall stew! Pick any 6 ingredients to create your one:
One I make quite frequently: haricot beans, sweet potato, mushrooms, onion, a can of tomatoes and veggie stock. I put other herbs and/or spices in it too, usually coriander, cumin and turmeric again, then cook it in a casserole dish in the oven for an hour so it turns into a kind of curry-stew. You have to be creative when you have so many restrictions on your diet otherwise you would go mad! Or, mad…der?

12. Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts or almonds to snack on?
Almonds are on my makes-Katie-sick list, but I looove pumpkin seed butter. I would choose cashews to eat whole though.

13. Popcorn flavor/seasoning?
I haven’t eaten popcorn in years, I don’t like it enough to bother to make a Katie-friendly version. I always end up choking on it anyway!

14. Bowl of hot cereal you have been wanting to try:
Um. Pass? I miss oats rather but I’m quite happy with rice porridge, I have learned the fine art of making it properly after two years of eating it! I used to make a really nice museli last year too actually: wheat free museli base with toasted coconut, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and a square of 70% cocoa chocolate, with rice milk warmed up in the microwave to melt the chocolate. I am too lazy to make that now though!

15. Post a link to a recipe that you recently bookmarked:
Hmm. I have so many recipe books (mostly bought as food porn when I was ill, lol) that I don’t really bother looking for recipes online. I have been playing around with this recipe for months though, I made them for the first time in the summer and I’ve been adapting it slightly every time since. The way I make them now they are more like dairy/gluten free chocolate-avocado brownies, and they are gorgeous 😀

Argh, I don’t know who hasn’t been tagged, this thing has been going around for a couple of weeks already. Consider yourself tagged if you’re on my blogroll and haven’t been so yet!


4 responses to “This is not studying!

  1. Hooray for going to the support group! 🙂

    I hated fresh pumpkin the first time I tried it, too… which is odd, because I love all winter squash!! I’m glad I tried it again, because I loved it the second time. I think the baby pumpkins taste better, but then again, I like everything better in miniature form. 😉

    ❤ ❤

  2. I think this meme is too sophisticated for me. I’m a pretty boring eater, for the most part. I don’t use a lot of spices or make stews. I’ve never tried pumpkin (well, I guess I’ve had pumpkin-flavored things, but I’ve never experimented myself). I had fun reading your answers though 🙂

  3. I’m getting hungry just reading about your muesli ~ melting a square of chocolate into it is just utterly inspired. I hope you can find the motivation to make it again for yourself at some point ~ you’re worth it and deserve to enjoy such a seriously delicious breakfast 🙂

    I love the sound of your winter stew ~ I think I might be trying that one but without the onions 😛

    Yeah, pumpkin is highly over-rated. I think the craze IS mostly down to the huge volume adding properties it has for virtually no calories, sadly. Most people seem to like to add stevia or splenda and the like to it to counteract the taste, but I only like it with agave or sweetened protein powder added…I also think it’s one of those fad foods that people pretend to like because it’s ‘cool’ or whatever.

    In a weird way it does help me to know that others who I value so highly have the same worries and concerns as me, because I can see huge amounts of potential and purpose in them (um, you) and it does undermine the validity of the negative thoughts slightly because if the criticisms you make of yourself are baseless, then there’s a tiny possibility that perhaps mine are too…but I’d still rather you didn’t have those doubts or feelings to deal with at all!


  4. This is not writing my essay. I’m glad you found a nice bread mix. Are you allergic to hemp? Feck, two people have tagged me for it now.

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