Let it snow

Ignoring weather reports and prophecies of doom from my father, I got up today at 7am and drove for eight hours to Fiona’s house in Durham 🙂 I’m glad I DID decide to take the risk, because the weather and the roads were fine on the way up here (in fact the roads were virtually empty, both of snow and other people!). I am here until Wednesday – tomorrow we are meeting Jessica, on Sunday we are going to York, Monday is…I don’t know, shopping day? There must be some shopping in there somewhere! And Tuesday we are meeting Jonathan and another friend, Hannah, to go to the cinema and then hopefully to a carol service in the cathedral during the evening. I had never driven either on the motorways or in the snow before today so I was a bit scared, but I decided to look at it as an adventure, and it WAS fun! I like motorway service stations. It’s been snowing up here, and being a southerner I never get to see snow! Jonathan came over to say hi after I got here, and I think I scared him when I drove him back home 😛 I was distracted by the snow and the threat of losing grip on the road, overexcited at seeing him and Fi again and tired because I’d been up since 6am and already been driving for eight hours, and I somehow managed the impressive feat of freaking my passengers out whilst driving at 20 miles an hour!! I think that takes some skill.

I am a bit brain dead after having such a long day but I had to update quickly to say that I got here safely and that I am enjoying myself already! I will take lots of photos tomorrow 🙂


11 responses to “Let it snow

  1. Glad you’re enjoying yourself! And I love the snow effect–although it took me the longest time to realize those weren’t just weird floaters on my eyes…Clearly, I’ve been at work too long.

  2. triumphofourtiredeyes

    The snow responds to my mouse pointer. I am happy. And easily amused. Apparently.

  3. I hope you enjoy yourself in Durham with your friends!! And have a good rest! 8 hours of driving?! Kudos to you my dear. Hehe.


  4. My blog is a brand new baby, but I’m a long time reader of yours and always look forward to hearing what you have to say. So here’s an official hello!
    I’m glad you’re having a good time and hope the fun continues.. But I can’t wait until you’re back to blogging. For purely selfish reasons of course 😉


  5. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    Look at you, Miss Popular!! Hope you have a wonderful visit with your friends, they sound like cool peeps! Snow! How festive. I’m trying to mentally map out the geography of England based on your posts…I’m not doing a very good job, time to google 😉

  6. Congratulations on your long drive! I could never imagine myself succeeding at that (as in I couldn’t get myself in the car to do it, let alone complete the journey safely!!!)

    I hope you have a really wonderful break – it sounds as though it’s going to be very festive and full of fun. Can’t wait for your snow photos!

    No snow in Bristol sadly, but it’s pretty damn cold anyway…hope we can catch up properly in the new year; my apologies for being even more stupidly busy than usual lately.

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Katie xxx

  7. laurasworthlesswords

    Sounds like a fun few days, hope you enjoy yourself :-). Hehe you may have driven slowly but at least you got there, thats the important part!
    Love the little snow effect on here, Id much rather have it than the real stuff 🙂
    Cant wait to see some pics,

  8. So relieved that you arrived here safely! We had some flurries of snow both in the morning and the afternoon and I was so worried about you (plus the stories on the news about people getting stuck in cars and traffic jams of immovable container lorries seventy vehicles long didn’t help!) You’re so fearless it’s amazing 🙂 I’m also very impressed by your concentration levels…eight hours of driving must be so tiring and I hope you managed to get some rest in the end last night.

    The novelty of snow wears off very quickly, trust me 😉

    See you later!


    Oh, and don't worry about being a little crazy…this weather totally sends my brain into overdrive so I think there's more likelihood of me either being a disappointment or scaring you. Eek, I'm so nervous!

  9. Can’t wait to see the pictures! 😀

    ❤ ❤

  10. there is 16 inches of snow here and i am spending my night watching my obese dog trying to waddle through the drifts to pee. sounds like you are having more fun! enjoy:)

  11. Please can we some photos? 🙂

    Well done for driving all that way… I could never do that; it would ‘murder’ my back for starters…

    Enjoy yourself! x

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