Reprise of the sticky toffee pudding

I left the cable that connects my phone (I use my phone as my camera, it’s better quality than my actual camera!) to my laptop at home, so my posts will be sadly photoless until Thursday. But even though you can’t see me having fun I am 😉 Fi and I met up with Jessica yesterday afternoon! I was so excited, I love meeting new people and Jessica is one of my favourite bloggers. She was just as lovely in person as she is in writing, and I hope her impression of me hasn’t changed now because I tend to ramble on about utter rubbish when I’m nervous. It snowed really heavily as we were walking back to Fiona’s house and obviously this got me even more overexcited – it hasn’t snowed properly in Dorset since I was two years old, so I don’t remember ever seeing real snow that didn’t melt as soon as it touched the ground.

This morning, Fi and I went to York. We caught the train because I don’t have much experience of driving in the snow, and I thought it would be less hassle. York was beautiful, albeit rather sludgy. We had lunch in my favourite restaurant, El Piano. All of their food is vegan and gluten free. I had falafel and sweet potato mousse, followed by their ridiculously amazing sticky toffee pudding (which I also had last time we went there). It is such a novelty to go somewhere and be able to eat virtually whatever I like from the menu! After lunch we met my friend Jon who was another student in my classes at York university (see the last-but-one paragraph of this post from June). I hadn’t seen him since the day before I went home in February – he took me out for a cup of tea, and it was much appreciated because I was sitting around in my room waiting for my parents to turn up going crazy with anxiety. It was so nice to see him again, I’ve missed him! We sat in Costa for a bit, then walked around the market, mourned the loss of Borders (sob), walked up to the Minster and then Jon had to go and catch his train back home for Christmas. I found a lovely present for my sister in a shop near the Minster (and listened to the possibly crazy owners discussing their plans for Christmas dinner – one of them was planning to sculpt something potentially very offensive out of soysage!), then bought Fi some new slipper socks because hers have holes in them, and that’s all my Christmas shopping done! When we got back to Durham we had dinner and then Jonathan came over to play The Clinic, Uno and a rather dodgy not-drinking game (‘I never’ confessions which established that I have no moral character, but without the drinking bit). I just got back from driving him back home, and…well, now I am writing this enthusiastic but slightly incoherant post 😛 I think I need to go to bed!

Aargh I wish I had my USB cable, I really want to put my pictures up! Never mind 😉 it will just help to string out the excitement for a bit longer when I am home again. Tomorrow Fiona, Jonathan and me are going to Newcastle to wander around the shops. I am probably going to drive, so this could be interesting. Wish me luck!


9 responses to “Reprise of the sticky toffee pudding

  1. “Good things come to those who wait” … hehe, I want to see the pictures too! Glad you’re having a nice time 🙂

    ❤ ❤

  2. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    Hey, sounds like a fabulous day. So glad you got to enjoy food at a restaurant without having to whip out your gluten hunting microscope”Something verry offensive out of soysage” — LOL I want to see pics!

  3. Sounds like you’re having a great time! Weather permitting, I’m hoping to shop in York with a friend tomorrow. I’m also sad that Borders is closing.. I bought 3 books at 50% reduction last week, but I’d still rather keep Borders with full price books…

    I look forward to seeing the photos!

  4. lunchiemunchies

    Yay, so glad you guys are having fun! Look forward to the snaps…
    Love to you both xoxo

  5. I wasn’t reading your blog at this time last year, but I have been reading for the past few weeks. With that said, I think it’s so great that you’re writing about “real” adventures and fun activities this week, as it shows how far you’ve come in your thinking and your actions. You’re able to enjoy the unpredictability of travel, friends, eating out and unscheduled time without self-destructing and punishing yourself in some way…this is huge!

    Have so much fun and I look forward to reading more (either way) 🙂

  6. laurasworthlesswords

    Im really glad to hear your having a good time, it sounds like so much fun getting to meet other bloggers.
    I cant wait to see your pictures when you have them, have fun shopping 🙂

  7. I’m so glad that you got to York and back safely! Lunch at El Piano sounds divine, particularly the sweet potato mousse 🙂

    You are too kind to me, seriously. I’m blushing so much right now I’ve gone the colour of a tomato, which is quite something as I’m usually more of a Kabocha shade from eating so many of them.

    Hope Newcastle wasn’t too insanely crowded ~ you’re a braver person than I am going there so close to xmas, particularly driving!

    Of course I will still e-mail you if you don’t mind and if I can figure out why MSN keeps making my laptop crash I will hopefully get that back up and running too. I really need a new laptop though…mine is from the Dark Ages.


    P.S I will never look at soysage in the same way again *giggles*.

  8. Sounds like you had a great time!

  9. Sounds like you had a good day 😀 I’m glad.

    And SNOW! It’s so exciting, I’ve been playing outside in the snow today! I’m such a kid at heart 🙂

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