Oops, I nearly walked into a giant fossilized armadillo!

I got back from London last night and started writing a post, but my brain switched off half way through and I went to bed instead 😛 so here it is!

I got to London at 2pm on Friday, while Antonia was still at work. While I was waiting I wandered around Oxford street. Since my bag was really heavy I spent a good hour or so in various cafes, trying (and failing!) to make sense of my physics assignment. I was pretty tired when we met up at just gone five, so we went back to her house, made dinner and vegetated all evening!

On Saturday we spent most of the day in Kensington. First of all we went to the Science Museum, and as I am a classy bird I had to make this my first photo:

That was in the psychology section 😛

After looking at the biology/health parts of the Science Museum we walked to Wholefoods for lunch. In the UK the only Wholefoods are in London, so I always make the most of it!

I had roasted sweet potato, apple and pecans, pumpkin seeds, black beans, grilled tofu, a roasted red pepper, grilled fennel, and some green beans with garlic. There was also a soya chocolate mousse involved 🙂

This is Antonia! The box is from the Hummingbird Bakery, a company which makes obscenely good looking cupcakes. Sadly none of them were gluten free or I could’ve told you how obscenely good tasting they were too. If anyone from Hummingbird Bakery ever reads this, you need to make a vegan, gluten free cupcake too please. Also on the table is Antonia’s wonderful iPhone, which saved us from getting lost many times! I think I need one, I’ve always thought I could do with personal GPS – if I can get lost somewhere, I will!

After Wholefoods we walked back around to South Kensington to the Natural History Museum. It was packed, which it was obviously going to be on a Saturday, but we still looked around the geology section (I like different minerals and semi precious stones – not because of the value, because of the pretty colours 😛 I am five years old at heart, I swear) and the new Darwin Centre, where you are supposed to be able to see scientists at work, but apparently this is not the case at weekends. Oh well, I got to see some rare (but dead! Humph) butterflies and giggle at Antonia being freaked out by the tarantulas! Antonia also got to laugh at me when I made to walk into another section and discovered that my ‘door’ was actually housing a giant armadillo-type-thing. If anyone saw my facebook status on Saturday, there’s the explanation!

Natural History museum as we left it. It’s such a lovely building 🙂

Saturday evening we…um, stayed in again! So I am 25 going on 52, but 5 at heart? This did mean that I got to try the sweet potato and buckwheat noodles I bought in Wholefoods for dinner though, along with some dark chocolate with cardamon and white pepper, which was weird and didn’t entirely agree with me, but was nice anyway 😛

On Sunday morning we went to Camden. I think on top of the confusion around my age, I may also have been a magpie in a previous life because I am in heaven in Camden, there are so many pretty shiny things to catch my attention!

This is Antonia and I in a shop full of mirrors, to state the obvious. I just thought it was a funny photo!

I am kind of sad that I forgot to take a picture of lunch, because it was amazing! We went to a vegan cafe called Inspiral Lounge. A girl who has commented on my blog in the past works there and she told me about it a couple of months ago 🙂 she wasn’t working when we went in but damn, that was good lasagne. It was a bit scary how much the bechamal sauce tasted like ‘real’ cheese sauce! I also had sweet potatoes, the most massive cup of chamomile tea I’ve ever seen and some raw chocolate cake which I wasn’t keen on, but that doesn’t mean much, I’ve never found any sort of raw chocolate that I’ve liked. I think it’s the agave syrup, I hate that stuff and it doesn’t like me much either, it upsets my stomach. I am definitely going back there though, I would travel miles for that lasagne!!

I know I ate a couple of things I shouldn’t have while I was there (I would put my money on yeast and almonds – and I find it very geeky of myself to be able to tell what I’ve eaten by my reaction to it. Sigh.), because my stomach complained quite a bit afterwards, but it calmed down while we were on our way to our next destination: The Freud Museum!

I have to say, I’m not Freud’s biggest fan, and neither is Antonia. Dude sold out on his theory that a lot of mental illness was triggered by abuse because the society of the time villanised him for it, so he replaced that with the idea that sexual abuse was a fantasy created by hysterical women and created some pretty ridiculous theories as to why this occurred. Not so smart, Freud, and you were doing SO well to start off with. But no one can argue with the fact that he was one of the founders of modern therapy – all the offshoots of psychotherapy that DO work originally came from his ideas and those of his immediate predecessors/successors. So Antonia and I had to go and have a look.

I got to be a double nerd in there – alongside all the psychological stuff were pictures of Freud by Salvador Dali! I just about died and went to heaven 😛

Freud’s couch!

We weren’t supposed to take photos in there but I turned the flash of the camera on my phone off and pretended I was texting 😛 Yeah, like you guys have never done that…

After having a look around Freud’s house (it was only the house where he lived for the last year of his life, but still!), we took a detour back to Wholefoods because Antonia needed to buy some ingredients for the dinner she was cooking for her flatmates later on. Since we were there I raided the salad bar for dinner. We then rushed back to her house, picked up my stuff, and rushed back out to get to Waterloo in time for my train. We actually got there half an hour early so no rushing was required, but I get funny about trains! After saying goodbye and finding my seat (I got a first class ticket, it was only £13!), I had dinner:

Oh alright, it’s much the same as lunch the day before was! I had eaten half of it before I took this photo as well 😛 I was hungry! The differences were that I had sweetcorn and some kale in cashew/coconut sauce but no green beans or grilled pepper.

When I got home I unpacked and took photos of my other random treasures from the weekend:

From the Freud Museum! I now have a badge on my coat that says the same thing as the card in the centre – “Blessed are the cracked for they let in the light”. I like it 😉 Note that I also bought Einstein stationary. I go to a psychology museum and come out with physics stuff. Typical! They also had Freudian slippers which were so funny, I really wanted some but I felt I had spent enough over the weekend!

Pretty t-shirt from Camden market 🙂 hand painted as well!

Also from Camden – the top part is turquoise and blends in with my carpet, so I hope you can make it out!

While I was away I received a little package in the mail from the blogger currently known as Blue Eyed Heart:

Thank you!! They are really pretty 🙂 I do love jewellery – I always associate recovery with urges to accessorise, lol. How odd is that, eh? I know I’m not well when I wear jeans and a hoodie every day, and I know when I’m doing well when I faff around with earrings, necklaces, bracelets and scarves. I should take a picture of my collection at some point 😛

This is completely off topic, but a couple of days ago my younger sister found this in the veg rack:

Sometimes only letters will do: OMG WTF LOL 😛

And now I’m going back to my physics assignment!


23 responses to “Oops, I nearly walked into a giant fossilized armadillo!

  1. Oh my goodness I started laughing all over again when I read your title! And I want that carrot hahaha wow it’s rare that just reading something makes me laugh out aloud!

    Sounds like you had an amazing time, and you’ve given me lots of inspiration for places to visit when I go down to London on 6th….yippeee…I’ve been to London several times and never once been to any of the places you mentioned…this is unacceptable! Hehe

    Beautiful buys from Camden market…everyone is always telling me to go…so go I must! And I’m so jealous, you went to Freud’s house…Freud and his theories are an interesting kettle of fish…when I studied his stuff as an undergrad, I was totally anti-Freud, but during treatment I read some texts by his contemporaries which made me question my former prejudices…still not sure what I really think of him and his contributions though.

    I love your bright blue bag in the picture, and your earrings….I’ve really missed your presence in cyberspace this past weekend, and can I say it is lovely to have you back 🙂

    Now I must go and laugh at that carrot picture some more…how immature am I?! Hehe

    Sarah x

  2. haha brilliant I love all your photos and particularly the amusing carrot 😀
    think I’m gonna take a tip and go to the Freud museum, it sounds hilarious. v jealous of all your fun this weekend 😉
    ps, omg I had that sweet potato/apple/pecan thingy the other weekend and I swear it is possibly the best thing I’ve ever got from the salad bar! must learn to recreate.
    good luck w/ the rest of the physics assignment 🙂

  3. Fun times indeed. I’m such a granny about going out too, i don’t care i’d rather do something i enjoy than go “rave” which I hate. Haven’t done the traditional science or natural history museum for aaaaaages, must soon, and the Freud museum sounds intriguing!
    Wholefoods is like a Mecca or something..so fab. It seems to be like the only decent health food shop in the UK, someone create a new one already!
    Oh and I keep meaning to try Inspiral, it’s not too far from my place in London….
    Love xxx
    (oh and that carrot is awesome!)

  4. Oooh major jealousy, I could spend DAYS in a natural history museum, that has always been top on my list of places to see if I ever get the chance to visit London! Sounds like the past few days have held a lot of fun, awesome!

  5. that looks like a lovely trip! haha the cell phone camera thing…yeah i do that too shh. that is the freaking WEIRDEST looking carrot thing i have ever seen in my life! the museums look incredibly interesting!

  6. Nurse Converse

    I’m going to London on the 5th March!! Can’t wait! Your trip sounds ace. I’m going to the science museum (SO EXCITED!!!) and the natural history and so on. I went to the British museum in Jan, was amazing. I love museums! Where is the Freud museum? And where is Wholefoods? Is it very expensive?
    I don’t think I’m going to be able to afford to go shopping in camden unfortunately. Stupid NHS bursary! It’s not nearly enough to have fun on!

    • themilkfreeway

      Wholefoods is on Kensington High Street, you get the tube to High Street Kensington, then turn right out of the exit and walk towards Hyde Park. It’s huge and less than five minutes from the station so you can’t miss it 😉

      The Freud Museum was on Marefield Road half way between Chalk Farm and Finchley Road tube stations. If you click on the link to the museum’s website in my post I think the website has directions 🙂

  7. Sounds like you had an amazing time! That carrot is bizarre. I love it.

    I can get lost anywhere. Honestly, if there was an award for getting lost I would win it. It’s pretty pathetic.

    And I’ve done that texting/photo deal too many times to count lol.

    The Natural History Museum look so beautiful; I would love to go some day. I too love looking at minerals and precious stones–I could spend hours doing it. The colors are just so beautiful.

    I too feel like an old woman most of the time–I never go out at night. Sad really.

    But I’m so glad you had a good time!

  8. HAHA that carrot = my hero. wow, so jealous of your adventures, so many psych-related ones i would have loved to see! how much fun :). sounds like you had a great time, and yes i pull the “phone on silent pretending to text but really snapping a pic” move all the time, usually when i’m photographing my food. i saw your fb status of the same name as your title and was wondering what the hell?? 🙂

  9. Oh my gosh, that carrot photo is hilarious! I love all the photos! Seems like you had quite the adventure. Yay! I love the Freud stuff!

  10. Oooooh shiny things!! 😉 Looks like you had an amazing time. I want to go to Freud’s house too, that looks like such a cool experience!

    That carrot… there are no words. :p

    ❤ ❤

  11. Little Notes

    Ahh that carrot just made my day 🙂

    Sounds like a fun trip, I like Camden, its a nice place to find those little quirky shops. I got to go to Wholefoods when I was in NY and its amazing, Id be broke if they had one over here! I filled up a box as well for my dinner and ended up with the biggest mixture of random stuff because it all looked so good.


  12. Jessica Zara

    I think you’ve won the award for most original and hilarious post title in the history of online verbiage 😉 I’m still trying to picture the experience of walking in on a giant armadillo…and I’m finding it a stretch, even with my vivid imagination!

    Everywhere you went looks so interesting and I never knew there were so many fascinating places in London. I tend to think of it as one massive urban sprawl covered by smog and crammed with people but I am obviously doing it a complete injustice. I love the way that everywhere you went was science/psychology-orientated. If I visited London then my first stops would be the Tower and the London Dungeon…I wonder what that says about me? I’ve toured all of the dungeons except the London one, and it’s focused on Jack the Ripper (had an obsession with the story as a teenager, partially fuelled by the film From Hell…it’s all Johnny Depp’s fault!) so I’d be so stoked to see it. Sorry, I’ll stop being strange now (if only it were that easy lol)

    Camden market must be amazing…I’m sure I could easily bankrupt myself between there and Whole Foods. Actually, I think I’d break the bank just with one of their salads because they look so good. And I’ve been on Inspiral Diner’s website…I am so unbelievably jealous! I think almost everything on the menu looks fabulous and I’d gobble up that Lasagne in about ten seconds. Raw chocolate is an acquired taste though for sure…it’s their vegan ice-creams that I’d go crazy for.

    I agree with you about Freud, but it’s still cool to have been able to see ‘the’ couch. And those slippers are tied with your sister’s carrot for ‘funniest thing I’ve seen all week’. I also NEED one of those ‘Blessed are the Cracked’ badges 😉

    Good luck with your physics assignement! I’m sure that with Einstein there to inspire you you’ll have it finished in no time.


    P.S Antonia is so pretty! I don't think I've ever seen a proper shot of her before. Her hair is like mine would look if it would actually stop falling out of my head…in my dreams…I'd kill for locks as thick and healthy as hers!

  13. That carrot is terrifying. The Museum of Natural History is my absolute favorite thing ever (both NYC and London); all of those exhibits are fascinating. Although I admit some of the outerspace things used to scare me. (I think if the opportunity to work there at whatever menial job they gave me ever arose, I’d happily drop out of school.)

    I remember going to the Hummingbird Bakery with my dad and getting a bar made of mueseli. Such a grain snob, even back in the day.

  14. your blog is amazing, i have come accorss it today and i love the bits along the top like the prevention of relapse plan, i have bookmarked them, and i am going to do my own versions to help. when ever i hear the word armadillo i think of ross from friends when he was the holiday armadillo when the santa suits had run out!!! im glad i came across your blog!

  15. Wow, that looks like such an exciting trip ! I love the science museum 🙂

    BTW, I’m glad you photographed that carrot; it’s one in a million. I wonder if you could preserve it some way?

    Good luck with the physics assignment!

  16. Ah, I love this post. Thanks for an awesome weekend m’dear. Remember you’re welcome anytime! Much love xxx

  17. Hey!
    I’m the girl from inspiral(my name’s caitlin), I’m so sad I missed you! I started work at 5 on Sunday 😦
    I actually don’t usually work upstairs anymore(unless I’m covering someone’s shift), just in the kitchen (I make raw chocolates, which I wouldn’t recommend you as they have agave and are quite weird!, also they have cashews, can you eat cashews?)

    They may have put pesto on top of your lasagne, and the pesto has almonds in it, sorry!, should be yeast free though!

    I can’t remember if you like/can have coconut, but the coconut macaroons(gluten free :)) are good and you can’t taste the agave in them (at least I can’t!)

    Your London trip sounds like so much fun!!!!!

    It’s funny how you (meaning I!) can be surrounded by all these great museums and fun things to do, yet I never go unless I have a visitor over !(makes note to self: get out more and do more fun things!_)

    Oh and by the way, there’s a new food market in brick lane that opnened last Sunday and one of the stalls has VEGAN GLUTEN FREE CUPCAKES!!!!!!!(theyre not all vegan-gluten free though, in case you happen to ever go, ask!)

    I had a redvelvet one with “cream cheese” topping, was delicious!

    Anyways, enough rambling!

    I follow your post despite being a rubbish commenter 🙂

    I don’t think I told you, I really appreciate your honesty on your blog, you speak a logic which the remains of my ED can’t argue with 🙂
    you’ve been a true inspiration for me.

    All the best,

    CAIT. 🙂

    • themilkfreeway

      Hi Cait! I hoped you might reply. Yes I can eat cashews but not almonds, so I guess that explains the stomach ache. It was totally worth it though 😉 I was guessing yeast because most vegan ‘cheese’ contains it and the sauce on the lasagne tasted so realistic! I will definitely visit the market in Brick lane next time, it sounds great. My friend had a red velvet cupcake from the Hummingbird Bakery so I’d love to try a vegan/GF version!

      Thank you for the lovely comment 🙂 I don’t mind people reading but not replying (or not replying very often), I’m just glad you find my blog helpful!

  18. 🙂

  19. This is a bit random, but they have by one get the other half price in Holland and barretr lasting until tommorow!
    Thought I’d tell you cause they have lots of goodies you can tolerate, 🙂
    ever tryed the mia cucina vegan/gluten free cheesecake?
    I’ve had the mango flavoured one and I reckon they’re pretty good!

    Also, noticed your post on stefs blog about ice cream, there’s a company called Booja-Booja that do cashew based ice cream,it’s sweetend with agave, but I think it’s quite nice, they have some more intresting flavours
    & inspiral also does a similar cashew based ice cream(in lots of flavours, some are rather unsusual like lavender!), which they may change to a coconut based one,but beware of pecan nuts in the lucuma pecan flavor(not sure if you can have pecans)..

    Anyway, all this sweet talk is making me hungry!


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