Could be worse

So far this week I have:

– Met a lady who runs a programme designed to support people with a history of mental health problems in finding voluntary work
– Met up with the woman who runs the local ED charity to further discuss doing outreach work in schools
– Gone to the CAB for advice on housing
– Got an appointment for next week with one of the CABs housing experts
– Searched for and made enquiries into different houses up for rent at the moment
– Attended a viewing on a house which is both ridiculously cheap to rent and okay for people on housing benefit. AND there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with it…
– Made an appointment with my GP surgery so I can ask to be referred to the CMHT – in all probability they won’t be able to do much with me, but it’s always worth a try
– Phoned a low cost therapy service in the city to find out just how low cost they are
– Gone to whinge at the Samaritans for an hour when I had nothing else to do and thought my head might explode if I didn’t talk to someone
– Booked train tickets to go home at Christmas
– Done some more research into counselling foundation degrees for next year
– Been to my usual counselling class and done all my homework, including writing my weekly journal, designing a mock counselling contract, writing a short statement on my ideas about counselling, watching a lovely video of Carl Rogers attempting to therapise (which IS a word, because I said so 😛 ) some woman and reading some more of an immensely thick textbook

All while dealing with much worse IBS symptoms than usual and having to force myself to eat despite the accompanying nausea/fear of nausea/cramps/lack of appetite, the most intense urges to hurt myself I’ve had in several months, a largely absent boyfriend (not his fault, he’s not been well, and I did get to see him for a few hours yesterday), a bitchy landlady, the disappointment of my sisters not going being able to come and visit me anymore, sky high levels of anxiety and the fact that I cannot seem to go more than half an hour without bursting into tears over something ridiculous.

Yes, I am unabashedly boasting. I’m proud that I haven’t given up and hidden under my duvet yet. I’m glad that I’m able to swallow my pride and ask for help, rather than trying to deal with everything myself but not eating to compensate for all the stress. And I haven’t lost sight of the fact that things could be much worse. So far, so just-about-still-functioning 😉


5 responses to “Could be worse

  1. *waves pom poms* Woooooo! 😀

  2. Yay! I may look a fool but just for you I’m going to do a jig of joy.

  3. ~Jessica Zara~

    Boast away ~ that’s one hell of a positive list 😀

    Good for you for kicking life in the butt…when the going gets tough, the Katie’s get going!


  4. Keep it up Katie! Not just because you’re an inspiration, but because you’re doing the right thing and (as you clearly know well), it’s worth the fight.

  5. crazylittlethingneela

    thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog! i too have been following your blog all this time and i can not even say how much i look up to you. it feels so good to have someone out there who has gone through the same process and that it eventually will get better.
    i’m always here for you so you can always drop me an email if you want to talk.
    sending you loads of care and a wonderful weekend

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