I think that Newcastle and Gateshead are magical. Everywhere I go, there’s something weird and wonderful to see. The area is creeping up my list of favourite places quite rapidly. The bridges have captured my imagination, the public art is hilarious (there is a huge metal frame in Gateshead which talks to you when you walk through it. It sang happy birthday to me once), it is home to four Katie-friendly restaurants, my favourite art gallery ever (Biscuit Factory!!), enough parks, woodland walks and green spaces to keep even a born-and-bred country lass like myself happy and in one of those parks exists this: the Shoe Tree of Armstrong Park, capitals entirely necessary.

Now all I need to find is a money tree…


5 responses to “Magic

  1. Beautiful photos! With the gaps of light between the branches it looks like there’s invisible lightning flashing. Magic effect, indeed…

    Wonderful or, yeah, magic… 🙂

  2. Either you live in an infinitely cooler place than I do, or you are just a lot better at seeing the awesome in the mundane. Gorgeous photos! 🙂

    ❤ ❤

  3. those photos are certainly magical!
    hey, i just found your blog.
    i have issues with disordered eating, not anorexia though.
    hoping you’re well 🙂

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