The Angel of the North

I used to walk compulsively. Every time I was very underweight I spent hours each day walking around. Not even really trying to burn off calories, just walking because I HAD TO MOVE and the world would end if I did not walk my X miles today.

These days I walk because I can’t afford to run a car but still have to leave my house, and because I enjoy it. I like going on aimless rambles to places I’ve never been before. I enjoy exploring. I particularly love walking for a couple of hours whilst listening to music, so I can totally zone out and relax.

This weekend I had absolutely nothing planned, and by 1.30pm yesterday I was getting bored. I’d already finished my epic post on music, replied to my emails and facebook messages and washed my clothes. So I decided to visit the Angel of the North, which is only 3 miles down the road from my house. I’ve been meaning to go since I moved here but hadn’t gotten around to it.

(I like big butts and I cannot lie…bahaha)

Lovely 🙂 if there is such a thing as a perfect walk, this was very close. All I needed was someone to go on my walk with!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I give you…my lunch.

1: Peel potatotes
2: Put a shit load of sunflower oil in a frying pan
3: Fry potatoes!

4: When chips are nearly chips, add two eggs…
5: …and cabbage/leeks/other greens

6: Do a really bad job of draining the oil
7: Thank your lucky stars that you do not have an irrational fear of fat anymore, because there’s far more on the plate than left in the frying pan
8: Um…eat! 😉

9: Follow with the biggest chocolate muffin you can find
10: Enjoy the rest of the afternoon!


10 responses to “The Angel of the North

  1. That’s an awesome statue / sculpture!!

    Ha, I love your way of relating a recipe… 😉

    ❤ ❤

  2. Hmm. Compulsive walking. Yep. I’ve been on a bit of a walking-detox since moving back home. I now think I’ve reached a place where the world will not end if I don’t walk. Amazingly my legs and muscles do not turn to a jelly-like liquid, nor does my cardiovascular system fester and rot, if I don’t walk miles. Funny that, eh? I know I’ll be doing a lot more walking when I move back to an uncivilised place this month, but I think I’ll be walking for different reasons than I used to. I’m kind of looking forward to exploring my new location via foot, with actual energy!! Oo er!

    Ha, do you remember when putting up the Angel of the North was a ‘controversial’ idea? Tee hee. Apparently ’twas thought it would be a blight on the landscape, like, erm, you know – it really blocks out the sun for the entire north half of the UK, like Mr Smither’s sun-blocking device thingum…
    Anyway, my mum really loves the shape of it’s bum :D, I like to use it as the halfway mark between my Yorkshire home and my native Scottish home, and my dog just likes to wee on it…

  3. >_>
    So…I deal with this right now. The walking…alot. All the time…. With the “I just have to move” feeling. In fact I was about to go out and walk right now again for the third time today just to get out for a bit then come back, but I glanced at the blog updates and saw those words XP Do you still have the impulse to do that? I’m always partly wishing I didn’t have to becuase it intereferes so badly with having to get a job, Any advice? I really don’t feel as if I can just “Stop” more like a distraction or something that feels equally as…not sedentary >.<" Sorry, it's just kinda taking over my life right now, running and walking and exercise in general… -.-

    • Hi Kianni 🙂

      No I don’t get the impulse to do that anymore. For me it was something which happened when I was underweight or restricting – when I am healthy and not using ED behaviours it goes away again. The last time I struggled with exercising compulsively was October 2009, so just over a year ago now. In terms of advice, when I had to stop exercising (thinking of March 09 now, when I went from walking hours every day to being sedentary for medical reasons) I had to set myself strict rules. I would let myself walk for 20 minutes every day, but that was it. For the rest of the time I learnt to sit with the anxiety. I tried a lot of things to distract myself – baking, blogging (not about how much I wanted to walk though, thinking about it makes it worse!), making jewellery, reading magazines or really trashy books (my concentration was pretty shot at that point), playing with my dogs. But it was equally as important to just realise that I was really anxious, remind myself that it was the eating disorder doing it and that my ED thoughts were not rational, and just let myself see that sitting with the urges wasn’t going to hurt me. It taught me that I had more control over my behaviours than I thought. I know what it’s like to feel like that compulsion to move is taking over your life, but unfortunately the only way to stop it doing so is to start practising resisting it.

      Good luck!

  4. Oh gosh, “I just have to move feeling”, yeah, I know what that is. I do enjoy walking, but I couldn’t enjot relaxed, if I haven’t walked for like a few miles… I always felt anxious this summer, when I was exploring Zurich…gosh, I had to walk more and more and more….
    I think now I’m better, without that anxiety…hopefully :/

  5. Uh, just for clarification guys, this isn’t something I struggle with anymore. I’ve not had a problem with compulsive exercising for over a year now. It was just a good way to start the post – that was then, this is now! I love walking for fun, walking compulsively was horrible, the antithesis of relaxing.

  6. Haha, theres no shame in loving maths…. if your good at it!!! which i sadly am not, and therefore loving it when youre pants, is a little sad :-p
    Your photos are amazing! do you take photography? im an art teacher and did photography as part of my degree specialism, so im always pleased to see someone with good photography skills!

    As for your post, i can totally relate to that compulsive exercise thing, its something i really struggle with. I cant seem to justify sitting still, even tho i know its not burning off a LOAD of calories, thats not why i do it… i do it cos it seems to be the only thing that relaxes me. weird? i dunno. i need to cut back and remember that when im healthy i can enjoy it properly without hurting my body….

  7. I feel like I’ve upset the Harry Potter Gods 😉 mwaha..
    So, in my attempt to rectify Universal Equilibrium: It’s not that I disike Harry Potter – I read the first one when it came out when I was twelve (and going through a wizard phase), but I don’t think there was a second one at the time. It was good! I just never felt compelled to read any more. It took me quite a while to realise that the first film was based on that book 😉

    Likewise with the films. I’ve seen the first and bits of others, but I always end up wandering off! I have made it a mission to read all the books at some point, though. You have permission to send me subliminal hints until I do, ‘cos I sort of feel like I’m missing out on something! Bizarrely enough I’ve spent the day packing and I uncovered my 1997 copy of the Philosopher’s Stone…maybe it’s a hint??

  8. Hello lady!!

    Number one: I would love to eat what you cooked!
    Number two: I would love to walk with you. To the angel of the north or wherever!

    Keep kickin a’!


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