Thank you to the lovely Jemima for tagging me in this 😀 I secretly love doing these things, hehe

Alright…I am making a post, I have thanked Jem, now for seven things about myself. It is getting a bit difficult to think of seven things I haven’t included in a previous meme, but I am sure I can drag up something!

1. My weirdest ever paid job was making pancakes at a large music festival, during the summer of 2006. My boyfriend at the time went to college with the owner of the business, and two of his employees couldn’t make that weekend, so he called us up. He dropped me off and then took my boyfriend off to an entirely different festival (presumably so the two of us wouldn’t spend the whole weekend chatting like old ladies rather than working), so it was a proper adventure! I didn’t know any of the other five people working there (including swedish twins and a guy who spent the weekend shroomed out of his head), and I did a grand total of 40 hours over three days. I nearly threw up from heat stroke and exhaustion after my epic 18 hour shift on the second day! But I got £400 out of it, which isn’t bad for three days work. Pretty sure I wouldn’t do that again, unless it was a gluten free pancake stall 😛

2. Ever since I was a child I have had a thing about picking food apart, especially chocolate bars. It is NOT an ED thing, I don’t do it to hide food (I have no one to hide it from now anyway!) and I don’t do it to slow down my eating, I just find it endlessly entertaining! Kitkats, bourbon biscuits (sorry Laura 😛 ), Clubs, Penguins, Gold bars – you name it, I would destroy it, and usually smooth out the silver foil with my fingernails afterwards too. My party piece was the careful uncovering of the insides of an Aero – a chocolate bar with a very thin coating of milk chocolate hiding a block of bubbled chocolate. I would very carefully pull off all of the coating with my teeth before I would touch any of the bubbles. I once found playground acclaim for taking an entire twenty minute breaktime to eat a miniature Aero, which was only about 8cm long. Strange, strange child.

3. I am touching wood as I type this, but I have never had food poisoning and the last time a stomach bug made me sick was in May 1999, when I was 14. This is weird, because my immune system sucks.

4. Despite being a science nerd I have many extremely non-scientific worries and superstitions. I hate voicing things like 3. because I think it will jinx me. I talk to inanimate objects and bestow human feelings on them. I get very upset when I have to throw things away, including dead flowers, crockery, crappy Christmas stocking toys from several years ago – you get the picture. I am a dreadful hoarder! I am not a particularly materialistic person in that I can most definitely live without labelled clothes (most of mine come from New Look or Tesco), new electronic gadgets, that sort of thing – but I totally overvalue tiny cheap meaningless things that most people would laugh at. Oh dear. I also have a weird habit of talking as if my various body parts are separate entities to myself (stop being stupid, head!/my leg hates me/hello stomach would you please start behaving/etc), which both of my long term partners have found very odd and entertaining. Despite not believing in souls/spirits I rescue insects from being stepped on all the time, because I can’t bear to think of them being in pain or being scared. And right at the top, the strangest of my quirks is the fact that if anyone says the word “barbeque” I have to say “hello” because otherwise it will rain. That one is my mum’s fault, she made it up to tease us when we were kids (because it always seems to rain when you’re planning a barbeque!) and it’s turned into a proper tic now 😛

5. It’s no secret that I love the sea, but I am not a sunworshipper – I much prefer beaches during the winter, the more stormy and deserted the better. This comes from growing up in a tiny seaside town which was flooding with tourists every summer.

6. The one and only time I ever cheated on my treatment when I was a daypatient in 2008 was by hiding one lonely biscuit in my underwear. My therapist chose that moment to come and call me for our session, so I spent the whole hour trying to ignore the sensation of chocolate melting into my knickers. I am such a rebel… 😛

7. I spent most of yesterday evening applying for counselling foundation degree programmes at local colleges! Eeeeeee!

I am supposed to award 15 bloggers, but so many people have done this one already that I am just going to tell you to go ahead and tag yourself if you haven’t done it yet 😀


5 responses to “Seven

  1. Ooh a fellow biscuit picker! I used to pick apart custard creams and pink wafer biscuits 🙂
    I probably shouldn’t laugh at number six, but it does make me giggle, the thought of chocolate knickers!

    Exciting about your foundation applications…I received my first interview date for uni today, and it’s on Wednesday argh!

    Sarah x

  2. I loved reading these…lol most of your stories made me laugh

  3. Interesting, and amusing… you cheered me up 😀

    I identify a lot with points 3 and 4. Like you I have emetophobia BIG TIME. It is a strong trigger for my handwashing rituals and fear of going certain places. And, as you know, I am also a science nerd…. yet I have superstitious OCD rituals which make no logical sense and for which there is no theoretical basis.

    And the rescuing insects thing… Yep, I do that too, and this rescuing includes arachnids 🙂

  4. Yay, I was hoping that you would post your seven facts.

    That pancake gig sounds intense! At least they paid you well, but I certainly have never worked that hard in my life…I’d imagine you slept for a week afterwards.

    Good old biscuit-picking. I’d have given you a run for your money with the Aeros (or should that be Aeroes…like potatoes? Accursed product spelling…) I am sure, but I hated the chocolate in them. I was loyal to Wispas, through and through. And Gold bars! I never knew anyone else really remembered them. I used to love them, although they tended to make me rather sick by the time I’d eaten three…

    I talk to parts of my body too, mostly ‘damn you *insert knee/random tendon here* when I’m running or ‘don’t you dare!’ to my IT bands when they twinge 😛

    Good luck with the feedback on those forms and keeping everying crossed for you – are they all colleges up here or are you ranging further afield?

    Hope The King’s Speech was worth seeing!

  5. Your # 4 is very me! Everybody tells ms to stop humanizing things! I remember for Christmas one year my sister gave our niece this huge gingerbread man (12″ or so) and over the course of the day I somehow named him Charlie and when I asked my niece what she was going to do with Charlie she said eat him. I freaked and when she was off playing with a new toy (she was 3) I stole him put him in my car and when we left I took him home. I let him dry out and kept him in my room for years (husband wanted to kill me) and last year he was starting to crumble so I took him outside and we did a photo shoot of him before he was “buried” (pretty sure hubs trashed him) and I developed the photo 8×10 framed it and it was a Christmas decoration this year! Yup = nuts!

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