Pancake day :)

For reference purposes, here are my two previous pancake day posts – 2009 and 2010. Biiig difference between the two!

This year I decided to have a go at making gluten free crêpes, as opposed to the fat fluffy pancakes I usually make. This is how to make perfect crêpes for one Katie 🙂

1. Put 60g gluten free flour (Dove’s Farm plain mix for me) in a jug

2. Stir in enough dairy-free milk to make it stick together (but not enough to make it liquid)

3. Add one egg

4. Add about 100ml more dairy-free milk – should hopefully be very liquid and not have any lumps!

5. Mix mix mix!

6. Put some oil in a frying pan and heat it up

7. Pour in about a third of the mixture

At this point I may have squealed “IT LOOKS LIKE A PROPER PANCAKE!!!!” because I am cool and grown up like that…

(by the way, please excuse the state of my hob – it was like that when I moved in and it won’t come off, much to the chargin of my OCD!)

8. Don’t attempt to flip it if you are me. I wish I could show you what happened to the one I DID try to flip, but the photo came out all blurry. It was fairly amusing anyway 😉

9. Eat!

10. Repeat twice more with the other 2/3 of the pancake batter 🙂

My pancakes became a source of conflict on Facebook! My favourite filling is lemon juice and sugar (white, naturally, and tipped on straight out of the bag rather than measured 😛 ), and I always feel that crêpes need a sweet filling – lemon and sugar, maple or golden syrup, jam, chocolate spread, nut butter and jam/chocolate, etc. My thicker pancake-like-wraps are good for putting tofu or boiled eggs in. Some people agreed with me that crêpes should be sweet and others disagreed, including my uncle Chris who insisted that onion sauce was the way to go. Eh?! It’s not exactly a world-changing issue, but I thought the controversy was quite amusing 😉

Anyway yum, crêpes are great 🙂 I don’t know why I haven’t tried making them before now! The obvious question to end this post on is what’s your favourite pancake filling?


8 responses to “Pancake day :)

  1. haha omg we have the same plates 😀 fun aren’t they.
    I think I may know the discrepancy on pancake fillings. I don’t like the thin crepe kind like you made there – the ones I make are smaller and fatter like the ones you said you made last time…and cause they’re all American I’ve gotta have em with American fillings. of course, there’s always the possibility that I just have a slight bacon obsession (where’s that lurk emote when you need it?). I used to like crepes when I was a kid though and we’d get them when I was at a fair or something 😀
    ps your hob looks like ours. but cleaner…

    • The one thing I miss from LB is the lurk guy. He was my most overused icon! You may be right about the filling debate 😛 fat pancakes go much better with savoury fillings. I quite often have thicker ones for breakfast but they usually have cashew or peanut butter in them, so even that’s sort of savoury!

      Lol, I can’t believe we’re actually making up theories about this.

  2. Oh my word, i love, love, love pancakes! I was so devastated when I got the dreaded celiac diagnosis and realized that the few bread items I did eat were now out of bounds. I have since come up with a really great flour combo using sorghum, tapioca and potato starches and xantham gum. It’s so good! I make gourmet toppings for desserts, cakes, pancakes, ice cream, crepes etc. For crepes i love chocolate raspberry sauce with fresh raspberries and bananas. On pancakes it’s usually pecan praline … kindof like syrup but so much better! Shoot, now I want pancakes. Might just have to make some for dinner.

  3. Ooo, your pancakes look delicious! I’m gonna have to try your recipe out.

    -Katie =)

  4. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never made an actual pancake on my own! I’ve microwaved the frozen ones though…. I’m kinda scared I wouldn’t have very good flipping skills 🙂

  5. I love your spotty plate and cutlery, what fun! 🙂

    My preferred filling? Lemon juice and sugar.

  6. The first pancake or two have to have a savoury filling (this year it was grated cheese and mushrooms), but after that it’s sugar and lemon all the way. 🙂

  7. Eew, onion pancakes? They definitely have to be sweet for me, although I did have a nice savoury mushroom crepe thing once. Socca are the best type of savoury pancake I’ve made I think.

    Nutella pancakes are like crack (as would vegan Nutella be I am sure) but I wasn’t really allowed Nutella as a kid! I made do with lemon/sugar, ice cream/strawberry jam or stewed apple.

    Very impressed with your pancake making skills!


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