All done!

Under the Stars is gone. I was quite sad to push that “delete blog forever” button, but it’s done now! I have officially moved into my new “home” here πŸ™‚

Another ending occurred last night, as I went to my final level three counselling class and handed in my portfolio. I was so happy to get rid of it – counselling portfolios are a nightmare, so many different criteria to check off and cross reference – but sad to say goodbye to the other people in my class. I went to the pub with some of the others afterwards, where they proceeded to get drunk and I sat there with my orange juice giggling at them. Hopefully we will stay in touch. I will see some of them when I start college again in September, but not all of them are applying for the next course. They are the first people I made friends with in Newcastle, so they won’t be getting away from me that easily πŸ˜› (in as uncreepy a way as possible…). This is the second course I’ve finished since I had to leave York, so I’m slowly convincing myself that recovered-Katie CAN keep herself healthy enough to see things through. Good for the self esteem, that πŸ˜‰

My blood pressure is behaving a lot better today. It was awful yesterday, I felt dizzy all day regardless of what I was doing. I resorted to eating an entire pot of olives at one point in hope that the salt might help, but all that did was make me have to get up half a dozen times in the night to pee! My poor body. I get frustrated with it for not working properly now I’m treating it so much better, but I should be patient. I’ve noticed in the last couple of months that my concentration is a lot better and my weight seems to be redistributing itself a little – I’ve been at my target for more than a year now, so that’s just about right on schedule. So clearly my body is still healing, and I just need to give it time. My blood pressure problems are genetic, my mum had really low BP and palpitations until she went and had five kids, but I don’t think the anorexia helped things. And I’m not having children just to make my body behave!

Today I am revelling in the lack of counselling work to do, throwing the massive spider out of my bath (I’ve caught three big spiders and two huge bumblebees in the house in the last week, I’m not too impressed at the size of the insects around here! Although I quite like bees and I’m not phobic of spiders, I’m just not keen on them jumping out on me), and attending a management committee meeting of the ED charity so I can tell them about my attempts to get them established on social networking sites.


4 responses to “All done!

  1. You sound really positive and happy πŸ™‚ Keep being kind and patient with your body and it will start behaving itself better in time. I have to say, immensely impressed with catching the spiders thing, I turn into a wobbling mess if I so much as spy a spider, and also, of course for finishing your course! x

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, despite the absence of alcohol. You may find, in time, that you can tolerate it better… You sound much more settled and I’m very happy for you πŸ™‚

    There ARE a lot of spiders around up North at the moment. I’ve removed some big-bodied ones from the ceiling recently πŸ™‚ I found my boy cat playing with a huge bumble bee this afternoon. He looked distraught when I took it off him!

  3. It sounds like your body is still settling back into itself, and you’re probably right about being patient. It’s amazing how much work the body has t put into itself during recovery/restoration. Yeah…maybe having a gaggle of children just to sort of BP is going a bit too far πŸ˜‰ (unless you want them anyway, that is).
    Congratulations on completing the current bit of your counselling adventure! How long is the next bit?And will you be properly qualified after that?
    I’m wondering thosemassive spiders are a northern thing. There were loads in Devon, of various sorts and never the MUTANT massive house spiders nearly the size of a small dog (maybe that’s a minor exaggeration…). We have a hand blender beaker attachment thing (glasses were too small) and a piece of cardboard permanentlybehind the living room door for such little delightful visitors πŸ˜€

  4. *IF those massive spiders….
    My keyboard is so dodgy lately, it’s driving me mad!

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