Photograph of the week (3)

Week 1
Week 2

This week my photographs seem to be darker, which is entirely the fault of the weather 😉 sadly I’m not AS pleased with any of them as I was with the Sage in week 1, but that photo was sheer luck rather than skill, and I’m still learning the ropes of my new camera!

POTW April 11th – April 17th: Spring in Black and White

I know I’m weird, but I like it 🙂 I love the patterns! I literally just stood under the intersection of two trees and pointed the camera upwards. I took the colour out and turned the contrast up to full with the bog-standard Microsoft picture editor. Patterns enthrall me, I could spend hours looking at this. I DID spend ages editing it – as well as the natural original and this black and white one, I now have copies in blue, turquoise, green, yellow and pink too 😛

Runners up:

In my never-ending quest to squish as many bridges into one photo as possible…

Four plus a train! Score 🙂 I like the angles of the different bridges based on my perspective at eye level.

These next two are quite similar, and I couldn’t choose between them.

They appeal to me for the same reason – the juxtaposition of the run down factory (a lubricant factory, no less 😉 ) with the natural beauty of the sky: the sun beams in the first one (and who doesn’t like sun beams!) and the pale blues and pinks of the second. And there’s another train in the second one. I seem to have become obsessed with catching trains on the bridges, as well as birds flying around them.

This one isn’t remotely skillful or clever, it just makes me giggle – it looked like the Sage is a monster trying to hide behind the buildings 😀 this is my other obsession of the week: taking pictures of the Sage from odd positions, so it looks alien and a bit magical or menacing, depending on the light. This one is in the menacing camp.

And finally…

The colours of the lanterns and the ambulance and the intricacies of the Tyne bridge against the sky really grab me 🙂 I hope my flash didn’t distract any drivers!


14 responses to “Photograph of the week (3)

  1. Oh, I love them! Especially the first one, although it looks quite sad to me, in black and white…

  2. My eyes boggle at that first picture: it’s quite hypnotic the way that the patterns swirl and seem almost mobile within the image.

    I like your exercise in bridge-cramming too ~ it’s really clever!

    And the Sage does rather remind me of some kind of Dr. Who monster in that image.

    P.S So sorry my posts are so boring and repetitive. Promise I won’t witter on to you like that in person.

    • I didn’t say you were repetitive you nerd, I said I was! You could never bore me 😉 well, you probably could if you talked about nothing but trains or stamp collecting, but I can’t see that happening.

  3. Wow, the sunbeams! I like that photograph because of them, but the other (similar one) is more interesting in my opinion; or let’s say it’s not as calm as the first one. I think the first “bridge” one with the many bridges is pretty impressive.

  4. Lovely photos, as usual 🙂 I love your fixation with bridges 😛 For next week will you include some of those cutesy dalmation lambs?

  5. Gorgeous POTW – lovely graphic image.

    I’m a big fan of no. 2 as well – I’m clearly also a bridge geek too!

    x x x

    • Uggh – I hate leaving un-grammatical comments… please consider the superfluous “too” deleted. Okay, I’m a geek in every sense, not just a bridge geek :-(.

  6. Your first picture is amazing. It doesn’t look like a natural pattern that you would find. I’m fascinated. (Just stopped commenting to go and look again!) I also like the final one, it such a ‘real’ shot, I love the colours of the lamps 🙂 xxx

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