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I know I only posted about twelve hours ago but I’m off to Jonathan’s house for the weekend in a bit 🙂 My photos this week are just plain odd 😛 but I am an odd sort of person, so who cares.

POTW April 18th – April 24th: Reflective Edition

This one looks best if you click to enlarge it. The white arcs in the top left are corridors which should be horizontal, so you can tell that I was standing under the building and took this at an angle, but I wanted to get as many of the reflections in as possible – you can see the Tyne bridge in several of the rectangles AND the High Level bridge (otherwise known as my bridge, hehe) sneaks into one! There’s a random brown building centre left as well.

In another reflective moment, I took this while I was with either Jonathan or Jess on Tuesday:

The space above Boots in the city centre has panels which were perfectly reflecting the building opposite it.

These next two have nothing to do with reflections, but I went on a bit of a tree blossom spree a few days ago:

The flowers gave the impression of trying to escape from an organic prison. My imagination runs away with me a bit sometimes 😉

Uh, and I like this one because there’s a bug in it and I’m a child 😛

Finally, not a reflection as much as a refraction:

I was having a (non-alcoholic, boo) drink with Jonathan, and my glass kept casting rainbows on the table 🙂

13 responses to “Photograph of the week (4)

  1. That last one is amazing: initially I thought you were looking out onto the ocean and the refractions were happening due to the effect on the water. The glass looked like some kind of huge, surrealist-inspired moon. Very Dali!

    Blossoms always make me happy too: in the North East there’s usually a lot of gales at this time of year, so the poor blossoms get blown to pieces. I’m glad you have apparently brought the nice Dorset weather with you for April. Care to make it stick around for the winter?


  2. I love seeing your photographs, they are so beautiful… you have a talent lady!
    I especially like the tree blossom one, you are right the juxtaposition of soft petals against hard branches is so evocative. Love it!

  3. Really interesting photos! I am trying to think which is my favourite, but I think they’re all awesome in their own right. The crane fly (daddy long legs) in the blossom looks to be missing a few legs, as is usual… It always amazes me that those flies happily lose a leg without apparent pain or anxiety! Enjoy your Easter weekend with Jonathan 🙂

  4. I love the flower picture and the reflection of the building in the building. I have also spent at least 10 minutes searching for the bug…think I need my eyes testing 🙂 Keep taking beautiful pictures! xxx

  5. Beautiful photographs. It wasn’t very sunny up here in Scotland, although was quite warm, but I was too lethargic to go out, good on you for going out and taking photies :-). There is a lovely tree in the grounds of my flat, I keep meaning to take a photo of it, it looks gorgeous with the pale green new leaves unfurling at the mo. There are other trees in the grounds, but this one is my favourite as it is quite young and a lovely shape. I did enjoy my Easter egg at least lol. Happy Easter!

  6. Or non-pagan Happy Eostre! lol x

  7. Such gorgeous photos again, and all so different – I get quite excited when I see it’s POTW on your blog as it’s always a treat :-). I’m glad I’m not the one who has to choose which one gets the top position each week though!!

    Hope you’re having a lovely weekend, x x x

  8. Hi Katie

    Was wondering how to get the password to the password protected entry as you don’t have an email address listed to contact you on



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