Not so unemployable after all!

I – of the eight-year-gap-in-CV-infamy – have been offered a JOB. A real, live, paid job! Not that this means I will give up my voluntary work, I love volunteering, but my main goal for 2011 was to start coming off of benefits and supporting myself. It’s just 20 hours a week to begin with so I won’t be completely financially independent (I could pay my rent and my bills with that if I didn’t eat, but I don’t think that’s exactly conducive to staying well 😛 ), but it’s a huge step towards that. It’s a permanent job at a (really nice – I wouldn’t mind moving in in 50 years or so!) care home only a mile and a half from my house, and I will be their activities coordinator – a job that is very much in line with my OT/counselling qualifications. I should be starting in three weeks or so – as soon as I get my third CRB check of the year (the other two were for Barnardos and the ED charity. I wish it was computerised or something, I am so bored of those forms!). The one major worry I have about this is the short sleeved uniform, so if anyone knows of some genuinely effective scar camouflage I would be eternally grateful :/

I think a brief recap of my trip to Dorset is necessary! Jonathan and I travelled down last Thursday for my mum’s 50th birthday party on the Saturday. Friday was spent hunting for Katie-friendly chocolate in Poole so I could make some brownies (and quiche!) to put out at the party for the dairy-allergic members of my family. I am far from alone in my digestive peculiarities! On Saturday morning I met a lovely bear for tea (and waffled at her dreadfully, as Katies are wont to do), then got on with tidying and cooking in preparation for the party. Family members and friends started arriving at around 7.30pm, by which time I was all dolled up in my party dress (awful photographs sure to follow, once my family get theirs on Facebook!), and eventually there were about 80 people there. My mum was forced to make a speech, various members of my family got hilariously drunk, the rain didn’t put the kids off the bouncy castle (my dad goes all out at parties, heh) and all of my veggie quiches and brownies were eaten. Good night, then 😉

Jonathan and I rather blearily got up Sunday morning to catch the train to Weymouth, where I met up with a friend from my last counselling course. I would include the photos, but my Weymouth photo was the focus of my last POTW already 🙂 This goes for our Monday activities as well – the long walk over the hills from Corfe to Swanage. On Tuesday we lurked in Bournemouth, doing a lot of sitting down in cafés to recover from  the day before!

What I CAN give you is adorable dalmatian photos 😀

Rufus being unbearably cute:

and again, with one of his favourite toys (named Russell, for a really long winded reason that I’m sure you don’t want to know!)

Roly, lying on Jonathan’s feet:

All my dogs together – Rufus has brown spots, Roly has black spots and Harry is the collie cross whippet:

…but I couldn’t hold their attention for very long!

Now I am off to alternately squeal and freak out about my new job!


17 responses to “Not so unemployable after all!

  1. The Red Cross are normally good for scar camouflage. Maybe you could contact them?

  2. YEEEEEAAAAAEEEEE. that was my “i wanna squeal too” squeal! congrats hun, that is fab news 🙂 a bonafide job eh? check you!
    As for the CRB’s, i know how u feel. Ive done my fair share, what with being a teacher… luckily now my school has it on record, so i dont have to do anymore. but when i was training it was SO annoying! Plus apparently its not that golden anyway, cos they rarely actually check them. thinking more that if you HAVE a criminal record or anything, you wouldnt be silly to try and apply. SAFETY FIRST hey?!?!
    have a lovely weekend x

  3. I’m really happy for you Katie 🙂 You are going from strength to strength!

    As for your doggies… I always consider myself a ‘cat person’ (simply because I have always had cats and never owned a dog..) but your dalmations are lovely! Are they watching TV on the photo that sows all 3 of them together? The doggy on the sofa looks particularly interested; and comfortable 😀

  4. Congrats on your new job!!!! Sounds great 😀 I’ve tried over the years to cover up my scars. I sat out in the sun in the hopes that they would tan (but I just didn’t have the patience) I tried self-tanning lotion which I guess might have kind of worked :/ and I also tried Vitamin E moisturizer because I heard that Vitamin E was good for scars. I don’t remember any of these been particularly effective, in the end I gave up – 6 years later and they have somewhat faded :/ I’m really sorry I can’t be of more help but I hope I might have at least ruled out a few things! I’ve heard of good scar treatment cream though, but I never got a chance to use it because I was twelve and did not fancy explaining self harm to my parents!

    • Oh, the vitamin E thing depends on the brand. I’ve used bio oil (which contains vitamin E, as well as other things), and that REALLY helped to fade them, but it’s quite expensive. Even though they were old and so the oil shouldn’t have been terribly effective, they all paled to almost skin tone and softened a lot too, so I am a huge fan of the stuff now. Unfortunately my scarring is too bad for bio oil to solve completely though! I am going to look into proper camouflage, like foundation for scars 😛

  5. Congratulations for your new job, how exciting! I also use bio oil, but mine are pretty small, so I don’t know how effective it would be on larger scars….and it smells LOVELY. 🙂 Your dogs are so cute 🙂 Have a lovely weekend x

    • Oh, I just noticed that it was YOU who commented about the bio oil directly above my comment…nightmare. Sorry for repeating info that you already knew and had tried! x

  6. Katie! Well done on getting the job, I’m sure you will enjoy it. Sorry this isn’t much of a comment but just wanted to say that those photos are gorgeous! I wish I had a dalmation! xx

  7. Congratumolations on the job! Also: what awesome dogs you have! Double congrats!

    In my opinion, scars are nothing to be ashamed of. (If you’ll pardon my reprehensible behaviour – finishing a sentence with a preposition, indeed!) I say don’t hide them. I never hide mine and it’s never got me anything worse than a few looks.

    After some initial surprise and MAYBE a few questions (but also, maybe not – and you don’t have to answer in any great detail) people will get used to them. Plus they’ll be educated about the reality of self-harm as something “normal” (as opposed to subnormal, i mean) into the bargain.

    • Ooh, hello 🙂

      I totally agree with you on scars – most of the time I wander around in short sleeves. The scarring is part of my life and part of me, so I see no reason to cover it up. But I am very reluctant to do this with the job, because it’s important to me – I’ve not worked in a very long time, I’ll be working with elderly people, some of whom have dementia and so might not understand, and I don’t really live in the most liberal and tolerant community. I don’t mind being short sleeved in the rest of my life, but I am going to draw a line for this particular job, it would make me feel too uncomfortable to be so exposed when I’m trying to be professional for the first time in a million years.

      • In that case, discuss it with your employer – pointing out that it’s due to issues that are now in the past – and i’m sure they can work out a long-sleeved option for you.

        However, i still maintain that the only way to deal with an intolerant society is to do battle with it! And my step-gran who got dementia before she died never even noticed my scars by that point!

        Nonetheless, i completely understand your point of view – and of course, you must always do what’s best for you.

        Good luck!

      • Like I said, in any other situation I would agree with you, and if you’ve read some of my other posts you probably know that I am very active in educating people about and decreasing stigma of mental health problems in my community – this is why I love my voluntary work so much! I’ve said here on my blog before that the best way of decreasing stigma is openness. But all I want to be thinking about when I start this job is doing it properly – it’s really important to me. If there weren’t many scars or they weren’t very noticeable I wouldn’t bother, but this isn’t the case, my right arm is kind of screwed. Long sleeves are out because the short sleeve thing is due to infection control – I’ve come across it in other NHS and private places.

  8. Congratulations! Have you tried Dermablend? Is it any good? I use No7 Triple Protection tinted moisturiser or Max Factor Second Skin foundation mixed with ordinary moisturiser on my face and Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer on my spots (I have very pale skin and terrible spots and those do a great job covering them up, although I appreciate scars are a lot more difficult to cover up). Good luck in your new job!

  9. just dropped by to say YAY and congrats! the job sounds like a perfect fit. and the first thing that came to my mind r.e. scars was also the Red Cross. hope you can work something out, I wouldn’t want to be worrying about that on my first day at work either.

  10. This is brilliant!! Congrats on the job 🙂
    I don’t have any useful advice about camouflage. Reading the comments I see where you are coming from in wanting to hide them for the job, even though you are generally open about them. Maybe as you settle in to the job you’ll be able to be more open about the scars? But for now perhaps it’s best for you to do whatever you are most comfortable with?

    I’m wondering about what Minacandy said about discussing it with your employer and seeing if they can make an exception? That’s if you’re comfortable with discussing it prior to starting the job. Hmm..I’m being no use whatsoever!

    I’m sure you’l figure it out, though.
    The family time sounds like it was a brilliant shindig, and I love the picture of Jonathan’s feet. Looks like a rather comfy place to take a nap, according to Roly ;).
    I am genuinely happy for you, Katie 🙂

  11. Just: CONGRATS!

  12. Huge congratulations… what wonderful news!

    You’re a total star! xxxx

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