Photograph of the week (8)

Thank you for the comments on my hairdressing skills 😛 I had never tried cutting my own hair before so I’m still terribly pleased with myself!

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POTW May 16th – May 22nd: Smoke and Chimneys

There was a big fire in a local scrapyard two days ago. I happened to be coming into town just a couple of hours after it began, so I went to investigate and took a hundred or so photos of it. It is really close to Ouseburn, the place where I visited all the art studios and the city farm last week, so I was rather worried about the lambs suffering from smoke inhalation! Luckily only one man was injured (somehow hurt his eye on a fire extinguisher – sounds painful!) and all the animals are fine 🙂 I liked the photo from this particular angle because of the collection of chimneys – I don’t know what it is about them, they are just so orderly and so fitting with the smoke.

Here’s another, because it is mandatory to get iconic buildings in the same photograph as skyline warping events:

And the fire itself, complete with tiny fireman:

If not for the fire, this would have been my POTW. I took it back in Dorset two weeks ago, but as we have already established, POTW exists only under my rules, which I can break any time I want 😛

Sunset over a quarry near my house in Dorset.

I came back a little bit later to take this photo from the same position. It’s a bit grainy, but I love the colours:


5 responses to “Photograph of the week (8)

  1. Fabulous photos of the fire – I think they’re better than most of the ones on the Chronicle website! I missed all the excitement but am very glad no one (including animals) was seriously hurt.

  2. I love the one with all the chimneys, there is so much detail packed into that photo, I stared at it for ages 🙂 Glad no one was seriously injured though, that would have put an entirely different feeling to the photos. Do you have a snazzy camera? Because your photos really are amazing. x

    • Thank you 🙂 yeah, I don’t think I would have published the photos if anyone had been badly hurt. I have a moderately snazzy camera – my younger sister has been into photography for ages, and got a new DSLR for Christmas, so I bought her old one from her for £200. It’s a Canon EOS 350D, pretty much the most basic DSLR you can get from Canon, but they are a really good make so it was still a bargain. Maybe I’ll nab her new one next time she upgrades 😉

  3. Such lovely pictures; always so interesting 🙂 I’m also glad no person or animal was seriously hurt in the fire. It looks quite impressive on such a sunny day. The sunsets are very peaceful.

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