Photograph of the week (9)

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I hadn’t taken my camera out all week until this evening, so all of these photos are from the same time and place. I wasn’t going to bother doing a POTW at all, but the sunset was so lovely that I decided to go for it anyway 🙂

POTW May 23rd – May 29th: Sandhaven rocks

I think it’s actually the interesting wire fence which makes this!

This is the other lighthouse which can be seen from Sandhaven. Both also feature in my blog header. I really like the clean lines in this picture.

My DSLR is a low end one and isn’t very good in low light – well, and I’m not a very good low-light photographer either! I think it’s highly amusing that when I shoot away from the sun it looks like daylight, whereas when I shoot into the sun it looks like night:

Gratuitous seagulls being one of those things which I always try to catch 😉

This one has a gratuitous fisherman instead:

And finally, the sunset when I got back home – I took this literally outside my front door:


3 responses to “Photograph of the week (9)

  1. I think I like picture number 2 the best. I too like the clean lines – with that little lighthouse poking out. I love the sea, but I’ve not been to the seaside since I was 10 years old. I have zero interest in roasting on hot beaches in a bikini (lol), but 100% interest in poking around in rockpools examining the various critters that make it their home. I also like building sandcastle villages with surrounding moats 🙂 One day I will grow up.

  2. These are gorgeous (as always)! I especially love pictures 1 (just the way the round rocks, the lighthouse and the fence all go together) and 4 (the light on the sea and sky is absolutely wonderful). And seagulls are always good too, of course. ;-D

  3. I like the gratuitous fisherman photo because of the immense amount of swirly sky that you’ve got into one picture. Love it.

    x x x

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