I went to York to meet up with Cathy yesterday (a non-blogger! I met her through our comments on another blog. As you do 😉 ). We’ve met before, when she came to my talk at the University of York in February. I woke up with the IBS of doom, and cleverly made it much worse by eating copious amounts of garlic at El Piano, so I spent quite a lot of the afternoon trying not to whinge and failing 😛 I still feel rough today, but it was worth it!

For someone who isn’t religious, I love the Minster an awful lot 😉 it’s such a beautiful building.

Down the Shambles we found a leaflet about the fact that York has a lot of cat statues, put in place to frighten away plague carrying mice and rats – so we decided to go and find some. I didn’t really have enough money to go shopping and we’d done coffee and lunch, so it seemed like the thing to do!

We found a white cat…

…a cat on a roof…

…a jumping cat…

…a vegetarian cat…

…a cat a long way away (it’s right in the middle of the photo!)…

…and my favourite, a cat climbing up a pub.

I also got to giggle at my favourite street in York –

Best. Name. Ever.

We found 15/16 of the cats, but forgot the very last one! I’ll have to find that one next time I’m in York. I do love that city 🙂


10 responses to “Miaow

  1. Why did I never know that??!! Out of all the times I’ve been to York…my powers of observation fail me.
    This post was well timed – for some reason I’ve been really craving York these past few days. I spent the day in Edinburgh and while I love Edin, there’s something magical about York that I miss.
    May you be IBS free soon!

  2. I really enjoyed yesterday Katie; it was such fun catspotting; much better than shopping 🙂 The cat photos (and others) are lovely!

    Must admit I had an IBS attack today after the veggie burger, which was quite spicy and fibrous, though tasty. And we were lucky with the weather 🙂

  3. That is the BEST SIGN NAME EVER!!!
    i want my gate to whip ma whop ma too! :-p

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