Bisy Backson

Spot the 26-year-old-with-mental-age-of-four reference in the title 😉

I’m off to the Eden Festival this afternoon and I’ll be back on Monday evening. I’m not taking my phone or anything else remotely technological with me, so I won’t be able to check facebook, emails or blogs. Interwebz cold turkey! The withdrawals are already kicking in and I’ve not even switched off my broadband hub yet 😛

I am off to camp in a field, listen to loud and unknown music, eat food from dodgy trailers, laugh at stoned people, be tempted to spend all my money on handmade jewellery and hang out with the Jonathan for five days. The OCD is not best pleased at the idea of communal showers and the PTSD is ranting on about unpredictable drunk people, but I have told them both to shut up because I’ve NEVER been brave enough to camp at a festival before, and I am damn well going to enjoy it. So there!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. I certainly intend to! 🙂


6 responses to “Bisy Backson

  1. Wishing you a lovely week-end too.

    I’ve never camped out at a festival but have been to a couple and the drunk people have ranged from amiable to downright scary! But I don’t think the Eden Festival attracts any of the latter: they were mostly hairy metallers with thick Glaswegian accents. They probably would have been a lot more relaxed if they’d been stoned 😉


    • P.S
      If anyone would like to explain to me what or who Bisy Backson is then I would be very grateful. Says the girl who didn’t know what a ‘walk of shame’ was *facepalm*.

      • If I’m right (debatable) but me thinks twood be along the lines of Rabbit writing “bisy backson” in Winnie the Pooh, rather than ‘busy back soon’ ;).
        I now have the Tigger songs stuck in my head (thanks, Katie..)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, I hope you have a good time!
    And Jessica, I have no idea who/what Bisy Backson is either!

  3. Festival!!! I hope you enjoy it (I’m a little bit jealous…).
    From the sounds of it it sounds likes it attracts the more, erm, laid back type of person, so hopefully the drunkards will be of the happy type 🙂
    Also, I did read your last post and I’m glad they interviewed you (though it’s a slight shame ’bout the misquote, but eh, Human error, what can you do??) I read your comments, too, and the discussion, and it appears you worked a bit o’ education/understanding magic there. I’ve never had an experience like yours, and I have utmost respect and support for you for putting yourself out there and how you constantly challenge peoples’ opinions/misconceptions etc in order to actually educate. I wish I had more to contribute, but your slutwalk post was so incredibly powerful that it kind of rendered anything I have to say feeble.
    Basically: you rock.
    Enjoy the festivities!

  4. Eee, hope that you are having a fantastic time and that you took wet wipes with you 🙂 xxx

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