Photograph of the week (11)

Previous photograph of the week posts are here.

I missed two POTWs! I was at the Eden Festival for one of them (and I am still waiting for Jonathan to send me the photos – we shared his camera), and then last week I was at work/at Jonathan’s/knackered. But hey – my feature, my rules, I can skip a week or two if I want 😉

There almost wasn’t a POTW this week either, but I took advantage of my day off yesterday and went for a walk from Whitley Bay to Tynemouth. The walk is only a couple of miles, but it takes much longer than it should when you insist on climbing over a few hundred metres worth of rocks along the beach!

POTW June 20th – June 26th: Stairway to Heaven

Anyone who has looked at my photographs before will know that I am fascinated by the patterns made by light, metal, rocks, leaves, buildings, whatever. Quite often my eye is caught more by the shapes that objects make or the spaces in between them than by the objects themselves. I like this photograph because it feels uncomfortable and disjointed. I don’t call it uncomfortable out of any attempt to sound arty, I mean it literally – looking at it makes me feel uncomfortable. The shapes are wrong. The promenade does not line up with the horizon. The stairs lurch up out of nowhere and end abruptly. The railings are rusty orange on one side but not on the other. It’s all wrong. I like it because it’s wrong.

For those of you not yet convinced that I am utterly bonkers, have some more proof: this one looks rather like I discovered the location of Mother Nature’s genitals. I say it as I see it, okay? 😛

It also sort of looks like one of those pictures you can make by dropping coloured inks and blobs of oil into a bowl of water, then putting paper over the top.

And here’s my Moon landing photograph:

It’s not particularly colourful, but I find the patterns so eye-catching and otherworldly. Ooh look, we’re back to patterns again!

I haven’t been posting much because I’ve been so wiped out by work. I am SO tired, I’m not used to having to concentrate for such a large percentage of my day! It’s amazing how much energy it takes just to keep myself “switched on”, if that makes sense. So I hope everyone out there is okay and I will be back when I have enough brain left over to write with 😉




8 responses to “Photograph of the week (11)

  1. Nature genitals 🙂 Looks like Nature might have a slight case of, erm, warts, though…
    I quite like the wrongness. It also kind of looks like the stairs and that bit of greenery belong to another photograph, and then the world is sliding ever so slightly into the sea. It makes me feel all lopsided (or maybe I’m just tired).
    Is that one of those rocks that’s all greeny-hued and shiny when wet?
    I’m going to go giggle about Nature genitals now 😀

    • I’m still giggling about the genitals. It really does look like that though! Once I saw it I couldn’t unsee it. I’m not sure about what the rock in the last picture would look like when it was wet – most of them were black and orange, which was weird but beautiful.

  2. I LOL when I saw the photo of ‘Mother Nature’s genitals’… covered in barnacles…

    I TOTALLY get what you mean about the wrongness of the first pic. The very first thing that struck me when I saw it was that the walls are not lined up with the horizon. Really bad. Freaks my brain out big time.

    How did you do the moon landing photo? Is it sand on the beach?

    Have a good week! 🙂

    • I know, I thought the barnacles were really funny given the shape of the rock formation 😛 and the moon landing photo is just a really weird looking rock!

      When I was writing the paragraph about the photograph being “wrong” I thought “Cathy will know exactly what I’m talking about”…

  3. Yes, focusing all day is absolutely exhausting. Not that I’d know really, because I haven’t had to since York, and that was just one day as opposed to loads in a row.

    The wrongness of the perspective in the first photo appeals to me too: reminds me of Escher’s drawings a lot.


  4. The last photo is super interesting:D

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