Photograph of the week (12)

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Yesterday I was supposed to be going to Durham to see Jonathan, but he wasn’t feeling well so I took myself on a long walk instead. A longer walk than intended, in fact, from South Shields to Sunderland. It was a boiling hot day and the parts of me which weren’t covered up are now thoroughly sunburnt. Luckily I was wearing a long sleeved top, but my face and wrists are lobster-coloured, and my right wrist has blistered – apparently scars don’t like getting burnt 😦 Usually I am SO careful about not burning, but it was cloudy when I set off and I wasn’t half naked or anything – then the sun came out and that was it. Oops.

The walk was about ten miles, but it took me four hours because I kept stopping to take photos! I had 223 to sort through when I got back, and weirdly enough out of all the beautiful coastline scenery, this was my favourite –

POTW June 27th – July 3rd

I know, I’m odd. It just looks so strange and artificial – almost like it’s a set for a film, with a heap of sand in front and a blue screen behind it. The sky seems two dimensional. Goodness knows what the fence is there for – it cuts a sand dune in half but doesn’t seem to have any purpose – and the blue netting is equally mysterious. It was the shapes and colours and simplicity which attracted me to this photograph.

Something a bit more appropriate for a coastal walk now!

I liked the composition of this photograph (particularly the little boat!) but I took dozens of this rock. It was part of the cliff which had become detached, and it had little arches and caves running through it. There were literally hundreds of seagulls and cormorants living on it!

This photograph has the rock in it too, behind the smaller one:

This is my “why haven’t I done this walk before?!” photograph! It’s such a lovely stretch of coastline. You can just see the lighthouse at South Shields and Tynemouth in the background there, but during many points on the walk there was no trace of civilisation. It was so nice and peaceful (except for the seagulls! A seagull stole my pasty once when I was in Cornwall so I hate the buggers 😛 )

This is a Burnet moth (thanks Briory!) which landed on a flower in front of me. It was just taking off when I caught it really close up, so you can almost see its wings moving…

Finally, this takes the prize for weirdest rock formation of the walk:

I won’t even begin trying to work out how that formed. It looks like a rock slide, but it seems to be defying gravity rather! Any geologists out there care to enlighten me?


7 responses to “Photograph of the week (12)

  1. The first photograph does indeed look like something from a film set, or perhaps from LOST?

    Unfortunately I am not a geologist but I agree that the rock formation is indeed very intriguing.

    I’m so sorry Jonathan wasn’t well yesterday and then I bailed on you today too 😦 To be honest I really regret it now as I shouldn’t have given in to my urges to wallow in self-pity. I’ll message you back properly on FB once I can get my head together some more…



  2. I probably say this every time, but these are all gorgeous! Especially the beach with the two pillars of granite. The first photograph is quite eerie- I like it, but I also find it a little creepy somehow. It’s like all the people have disappeared and all that’s left are fences being eaten up by sand… And I love the moth photo too- the bright yellow of the flower and the red of the moth. (Although- I kind of hate myself for being so pedantic- but it’s actually a Burnet moth (a Six-Spot Burnet, to be precise) Sorry!). Anyway, it looks like a really nice walk.

    • Thank you for that! Don’t worry about being pedantic 😛 I basically just looked through a webpage of British moths and saw that it looked quite a bit like a Cinnabar, plus my sister used to raise Cinnabar moths and there was a lot of ragwort around, so I put two and two together and apparently made five! I shall edit my post 🙂

  3. What a beautiful walk! theres something about coastlines that appeal to me far more than “countryside” walks. i think its something to do with the waves and the sea air, i love it 🙂

    BOOO for bad seagulls. if you had lots of pepper on your pasty, it would have exploded, apparently something in their stomach cannot digest pepper and the explode internally. NICE right??!? sorry to hear you’re feeling the burn, get yourself some aloe vera pronto, its the best thing for blistered sunburn. xx

  4. I just love your photos Katie; always so interesting and unique 🙂 I think the one I like best is the little moth. It’s so pretty and unusual. I’ve never seen one of those before 🙂

    I’d so like to visit the seaside again… I’ve not seen the sea in real life since I was about 11 years old!

  5. I really like the first one too. We can be odd together. :p

  6. Just discovered your blog and like it very much. I’m one of those ATDT moms – thanks for the kind words. Like Cathy, I especially like your photo of the moth. I take photos of the insects in our garden, and am just about to post a gorgeous one of a dragonfly.

    Life is good! I’m glad you fought your ED off the battlefield so that you can enjoy life, too!

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