Liebster Blog awards

First of all, I just want to apologise for being a bit of a rubbish commenter on everyone else’s blogs lately! As I’ve previously mentioned, I am struggling to cope with starting to work again, and once I get home I am really tired and rather brain dead. On top of that I’m still wrestling with my talk for the AGM next Friday – I have ideas but they don’t seem to want to come together. So I am very sorry for neglecting my blog friends.

Despite being a bit rubbish, I got a lovely award from Moon Tree earlier:

I am supposed to pass it on to five blogs I really like, preferably smallish ones. For this purpose I am defining “smallish” as blogs which don’t regularly get more than 20-odd comments per post, as opposed to those which get hundreds!

we like nests, because she writes the most interesting posts, is a very talented artist and writes terribly supportive and in-depth comments,

Katie Green Bean, another ridiculously talented friend who is currently working on a graphic novel about her experiences with anorexia and abuse,

Laura’s Soap Box, the blog of the executive director of the parents and carers organisation F.E.A.S.T. and a tireless advocate for evidence based treatment for eating disorders (yay Laura!).

Blue Eyed Heart, who started blogging around about the same time as me and is one of my favourite people online,

and finally

Batty Matty, a UK mother of an anorexic son who I love for her amazing problem solving abilities and the fact that she had fabulous blue hair during her adolescence πŸ˜›

Why these blogs DON’T get hundreds of comments per post is beyond me, because they seem much more interesting and clever than those with a couple of high definition pictures of breakfast and a terribly upbeat description of how awesome their morning run was. Ooh, cynical πŸ˜› (disclaimer: this is not aimed at any of my blog friends, so don’t you foodies get paranoid!)

This post was going to be longer but I’m actually going to break it into two so it doesn’t turn into an epic, so general Katie-stuff will follow in a couple of hours!


2 responses to “Liebster Blog awards

  1. I think you made me blush a little and get all warm and fuzzy (I don’t really do all warm and fuzzy, by the way…shh). But thank you very much, I greatly appreciate that πŸ™‚
    Don’t worry about commenting, I’ve been really slack on that too (and with reading lately).
    I did want to say that I think it’s brilliant your blog was mentioned on that forum board thing – they all seemed to have really great things to say, and find your blog a positive and valuable resource. I’d add yours to the list in this post (but then, I guess you already got the award :P). I’m just happy more people are discovering the ol’ Armadillo.
    Need to do a bit of a catch up, but I really hope you’re ok and things ease up soon.

  2. I love We Like Nest ^^ Yes, you can blush more πŸ˜› I love her art work! She is crazy talented πŸ™‚

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