Photograph of the week (13)

I managed to get my camera out quite a bit this week! One of the benefits of being stressed out – going on long walks with my camera is my favourite coping mechanism. My brother is back home now, by the way. More may be forthcoming in a later post…

Photograph of the week, July 17th – 24th:

It’s a lamp, AND IT’S UPSIDE-DOWN. I find reflections fascinating, especially if it really displaces something, like in this picture.

My flowers from the management committee, given to me after my AGM talk 🙂 there were white flowers and green flowers too, but the stripy ones are my favourite! They are still alive after a week in my possession, which is fairly impressive…

I have a *thing* about flocks of birds, so I was very happy to catch this small one close up. They fly around the thermals near my friend Lisa’s house.

I was at Lisa’s for a barbecue. The (disposable) barbecue itself was resting on a plastic table…

The table is now no more.

I found this highly amusing – I thought the little branch was another aerial until I got up close!

I have no idea what was wrapped around this lamppost, but it was rather picturesque 🙂


One response to “Photograph of the week (13)

  1. Fabulous photos – as usual. You really are a great photographer Katie. You could produce a bestseller compilation of your photos. You have an eye for detail and the interesting. If I had to choose which of these photos I like the best, I’d go for the inverted lamp 🙂 x

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