Photograph of the week (14) – Sunderland Airshow

Apologies for disappearing – my home internet has decided to die on me 😦 hopefully it won’t take too long (or too much money…) to get fixed. In the meantime, I thought I would use my half an hour at the library to post my photographs from Sunderland Airshow, which I went to yesterday.

This one has to be POTW! The wing walkers were amazing. I took this photo right at the end of their display, when they had unhooked themselves from their harnesses and were about to climb into the cockpits. Crazy people.

This was the first team I saw, and I can’t remember for the life of me what the planes were called 😛 they looked very picturesque flying past the lighthouse though.

I think these helicoptors put on the most nail biting display! They got SO close to each other.

The weather started to clear up after I’d been there half an hour, and I began to wish I’d put suncream on. Oops. I always get burnt when I go to Sunderland! This is a Hurricane.

This Vampire looked like it’d come straight out of Thunderbirds!

I got some of the nicest photographs with these two planes – they have a real sense of depth to them.

The audience who had set themselves up right at the seafront started to get a bit wet as the tide came in 😛

More wing walking madness!

They didn’t restrict themselves to flying in a straight line either – see the little stick figure up there? I would have thrown up if I had been strapped to the wings of one of these!

This plane (a Hawk something or another) was called Miss Demeanor, because apparently someone said it was a crime to paint it such garish colours. I think it’s lovely, and it certainly looked great flying around in the clear sky. It was incredibly loud and fast, I had a job catching it.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Urm…yes to both!

One of them flew upside down while the other did barrel rolls around it. Clever stuff.

Finally, this was the last plane I watched before heading home to save myself from getting fried:

Lovely 🙂

So I’ve forgotten half of the names of the planes, if anyone fancies educating me please do! I tried to pay attention while I was watching so I could put them on my blog, but got a bit distracted by how good they looked (and how mental those wing walkers were…)

I hope to be back soon. Fingers crossed my internet recovers quickly!


3 responses to “Photograph of the week (14) – Sunderland Airshow

  1. That is a stunning POTW – you were up in the air with them, right?? 😉

    And the helicopter one looks like it’s straight out of a disaster film, eek!

    Hope you’re reconnected soon, x x x

  2. Amazing photos 🙂 I always look forward to your POTW! I suggest you obtain prints of all your photos and compile them into a book. You have an eye for the interesting, as well as an eye for detail. I would certainly buy your book!

  3. All of them are incredible. Especially love the first one, and got vertigo looking at the helicopter one.

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