Photograph of the week (15)

These are actually from two weeks ago, as they were put to one side last week for the Sunderland Airshow photos 🙂

Photograph of the week, August 1st – 7th

I sat on a cliff to take this picture of Sandhaven beach at sunset. I got there a couple of hours earlier so I spent that time wandering around the cliffs nearby. I love the silhouetted people, the tiny form of Tynemouth Priory in the distance, and the colours! The colours were beautiful that evening.

This was taken about an hour earlier, before the sun went down. I like this particularly because of the contrast between the grey rock and the golden/misty background of the cliffs. The mist coming off the sea made it look rather otherworldly.

And one final photo from this walk, which I think might need to be clicked on for a better look – it’s blending in against my blog background a bit here 😉

All those tall weeds standing up together – like a tiny version of Day of the Triffids. Or maybe I just have an overactive imagination!

In a completely different area of Tyne and Wear, one of the bridges over Ouseburn:

This takes the prize for “largest amount of scaffolding I have ever seen in one place”.

And finally, although I might not be religious, I love the aesthetics of the cross and the flowers growing around it against the blue sky:


4 responses to “Photograph of the week (15)

  1. I think we’ve done the same walk! It looks like you went almost exactly the same route my parents and I took around Sandhaven last Monday, only your pictures make the scenery look even more breathtaking than it seemed at the time. Annoying that you have to pay to actually get in to the priory though!


  2. I personally think that the first three photographs are the most beautiful you had so far in your POTW!

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