London’s burning

Or rather, it has been. I have my fingers, arms, legs, toes, individual strands of hair and any other available appendages crossed that the worst of the riots are over. So far Newcastle hasn’t been affected, although there have been rumours online that it might yet be. Then again, there are rumours online for pretty much any conceivable occurrence. Similar concept to rule 34.

It must be so devastating for the people caught up in it all. I have many friends living in London who are shocked, a few who have been personally affected. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have my home burnt down (although Jonathan would probably say it’d be an improvement) and the face of my town changed irrevocably.

There have been dozens – hundreds – of articles published on the subject so far, but this one is by far and away the best – an explanation from someone who really understands the young people she works with. I also wish that people would remember that explanations are not the same as excuses – just saying “shoot the buggers” will accomplish nothing but more resentment and another generation of potential rioters. The first part of solving a problem is understanding the nature of it.

And if anyone is in doubt of how wonderful Britain is despite all of this, they just need to read about the clean-up efforts – entirely and unofficially organised by the public.

I hope no one tries to burn my city down tonight.


5 responses to “London’s burning

  1. Oh man, I love Camila Batmanghelidjh (yup, I had to copy and paste!) – every time I hear her speak on TV or radio I am just blown away by her insight and compassion and ambition (not personal ‘ambition’ as the word is so often used but hopes for a better future and to improve lives now). Seriously top human being!

    (Off to read the article with high hopes….)

    x x x

  2. Good article – I think these riots are a symptom of something much deeper – it’s too easy just to see the rioters as the ones with the problem, and to generalise about certain communities/groups of people, whilst ignoring the broader issues that have led to this stiuation.

    Hope Newcastle stays safe xxx

  3. that’s a good article 🙂

    impossible situation though…I also do feel a lot of sympathy with the reactions of the ‘bring the army in’ crowd for once in my life…not that I agree but that for those personally affected it really stretches the bounds of human kindness and understanding to look deeper into an issue where you are in danger of having your home burnt down or even being physically harmed just through going about your daily life. hopefully when it is over people will have a more balanced perspective.

  4. I love the clean-up rallies.
    It reminds me of when there is a hurricane here in South Florida (pretty often) and everyone helps their neighbors clean up.

    You are absolutely right, the “shoot em” attitude makes no sense.

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