Photograph of the week (16)

Only three this week! I didn’t take my camera out much. I like the ones I have though 🙂

POTW August 8th – 14th:

The double helix made from shopping trolleys near the railway station in Newcastle. The sculpture is great, and I had fun taking pictures from different angles! I think that day must have been the last time I saw the sun too (grumble).

I liked this photograph because of the juxtaposition between a natural light source (the after glow of the sun setting) and an artificial one. Also just because the colours were pretty 😛

Finally, for Cathy:

A black and white picture of a wind turbine through another sculpture. Don’t ask me why, I just liked the lines! I’m odd like that.

Short one this week! Hopefully I’ll get out more before next weekend.


4 responses to “Photograph of the week (16)

  1. Quality over quantity: these are some of your best pics yet (not that the others weren’t fantastic too!)

    The angles on the trolley sculpture are particularly mesmirising.

    Hope your footsies have recovered now!


  2. A wind turbine 🙂 That’s cheered me up!
    As ever, these are awesome photos. You really should compile an album and sell it.

  3. Beautiful photos. I have a similar sunset & light shot that I took my very last night in Ireland in 2006

  4. Woah, these are amazing! I can’t pick a favourite they are all so brilliant. I would like to please commission you to make a photo book for my, (as yet non existent), coffee table please. You are so talented. x

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