Bullet points FTW

This week I:

  • Joined pinterest (not really sure why but it seems like fun!)
  • Spent far too much time on twitter
  • Made a great first impression on my new manager at work by first coming within her earshot whilst being angrily questioned by a relative (long story, nothing I did wrong, all sorted out now)
  • Got a phone call reminding me about college enrolment next week (whoo!)
  • Got shitty about the Daily Fail’s article on Torchwood‘s general depravity, which was far less depraved and far more awesome than made out. Anyone who has me on Facebook will have noticed 😛
  • Grinned like a maniac all through the start of the second half of Doctor Who series six (massive sci-fi fan here if you couldn’t guess. If it’s clever and tense and has some variety of sexy alien in it, I’ll watch it. Says a lot about me, that.)
  • Drank too much tequila with friends from my last counselling course on Wednesday night
  • Discovered that despite not drinking any more than usual, tequila really DOES produce worse hangovers than most other alcoholic beverages
  • Went to choir, where we sang Christmas carols which thoroughly annoyed the Wiccan in the soprano section. Don’t tell her, but this atheist rather hypocritically loves carols 😛 EXCEPT the Christmas version of Kumbaya. Never met anyone who loves Kumbaya.
  • Saw The Inbetweeners movie with Jonathan
  • Remembered to go to the citizen’s advice bureau to sort out my “monthly incomings = £60 less than rent and bills before even thinking about buying food” problem
  • Discovered that the CAB is only open two days a week, neither of which being the day I went. D’oh
  • Went to the Baltic with Jess and became rather dizzy while viewing this exhibit, which consisted very slowly moving abstract objects
  • Made friends with my new housemate – a big spider lurking in my bath. Keep meaning to put him out but he’s got enough clothes moths in there to keep him well fed for a bit
  • Came home from work this afternoon to discover that I had run out of food (I do my shopping on Sunday, so Saturday evenings often go this way!) and had chocolate porridge for dinner. Inner four year old approves.

Quite a fun week really, but not one which really inspired me to do much blogging. Drying up on the blogging front makes me a bit anxious sometimes, not so much because I think my lovely commenters will desert me in droves but more because I am obsessive, and it displeases me to leave my blog blank for nearly a week 😛

I haven’t really taken any pictures worth talking about this week so far, but I have a day off tomorrow, so I’m sure I can make up for that 🙂


2 responses to “Bullet points FTW

  1. Aww, glad you’re not worrying about being deserted: even if you posted about cucumbers once in a blue moon I would still read 🙂

    On the chocolate porridge front, I’ve had porridge for lunch two days in a row and foresee many more to come. Balanced meals my butt 😉 And my inner-four year-old is really more of an outer four-year-old, to be honest.

    I quite enjoy a rendition of Silent Night: it’s the only carol I like. So consider me another semi-hypocritical atheist! I could, however, murder people to the strains of Kumbaya.


  2. I will learn the guitar specially to serenade you both with Kumbaya! Only joking. It is a bit early to be practising Christmas Carols even for the most dedicated of choirs and even as a Christian with a love of a good hymn I can see the Wiccan’s point. You won’t have done harvest or autumn songs yet – there must be a good anthem or two on those subjects surely.

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