Well hello there…

I hurt all over. But other than that, I am good 🙂

I love my new home! The housemates are lovely, my stuff fits into my little room, I feel much safer here (I never quite got used to living alone), the house is warm even without the heating on, nothing seems to be falling apart and there are no slugs. It’s the polar opposite of my old home, where I had a lot of space but it was lonely and really run down. I feel calmer and more content. The area my new house is in is quite young and vibrant, there are a lot of students around and I’m within walking distance of the city again.

I’m not quite finished with my old house yet. I have a big pile of stuff which needs to be taken to the recycling centre before I hand the keys over on Tuesday, but as I have no car this means spending the weekend doing it by hand, which entails walking half a mile to the metro, getting off after two stops and walking another half a mile at the other end, dropping my stuff off and going back to do it all over again – it’ll take about four trips, I think. The distance involved wouldn’t be a problem, but carrying heavy bags and bulky objects can make walking even short distances a mission. I did this the other day too – over two trips I carried three bags of magazines to be recycled and three very heavy bags for charity shops in Jarrow, and nearly gave myself a heart attack in the process 😛 which would be why I hurt all over…

So this week has been quite physically stressful, but a big relief mentally (and financially). I still can’t quite seem to string a sentence together without a good deal of effort either in conversation or online, but once my old house is cleared out properly I will be able to catch up on sleep. Although it’s less than two weeks until I take my first annual leave – my mum and sister are coming to visit for a few days, and then I’m flying to Washington for the FEAST symposium, the prospect of which I am simultaneously thrilled and terrified. So maybe I’ll have to wait until mid-November before I manage to sleep properly 😉

Today: college. I love college!

I’ll be back.


5 responses to “Well hello there…

  1. It sounds like things are falling brilliantly into place with your house, and your trip to the States. Hope you get a chance to catch your breath!

  2. Aww, this post reads in quite a ‘hyper’ tone, but in a positive way of course 😉

    I’m so glad things have worked out with the move!


  3. Yay for no more slugs

  4. I’m really happy that your move has worked out so well for you Katie – and I’m also happy that you are so enjoying college! 🙂 xx

  5. So happy for you Katie!

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