Rescuing Wilson

So did I tell you that my dad adopted a greyhound? A man in the pub who knew we have a lovely big garden (more like half a field) told him that he was part of a syndicate which owned a racing greyhound who was going to be put down due to an ankle injury which would never heal enough for him to race again, and asked if he would take him instead. Dad went to see him – he was living in a barn, poor thing, on a dirty concrete floor – and decided he couldn’t leave him to be shot (of course. This is the big hard man who gets upset if he accidentally runs over a wild rabbit). He didn’t ask my mum, he just turned up at home with a hugely tall, gentle, ten pound underweight greyhound. The dalmatians were not pleased but mum couldn’t really say no, so now Wilson the greyhound has settled into our house. His ankle is fine for walking, he just can’t race again, and he is the sweetest, softest dog I’ve ever met. I love him 😀 I wish I could take him home! I bet the dalmatians wish I could take him home too…

Wilson and Rufus (looking slightly concerned!)

Mum being pushed off her seat by a sleepy, upsidedown greyhound.

Beautiful sunrise this morning.

Sorry about my recent disappearing act. There’s just so much going on at the moment, and there are only so many times I can whinge about how stressful I’m finding my job that I feel I have little original to say and no time or motivation to say it. Since I now have a plan for sorting the job situation out I’m sure I’ll be around a bit more soon 🙂

In the meantime…happy humbug! I mean, bah Christmas! I mean, I used sherry to cure my apple vodka-induced hangover earlier! It’s all good…


8 responses to “Rescuing Wilson

  1. Glad to hear you have a plan of action regarding your job 🙂

    And your Dad has a heart of gold – it’s so sweet of him to adopt Wilson. Greyhounds are such docile, gentle, affectionate dogs – they’re one of my favourite breeds (after German Shepherds and Salukis!) Greyhound racing just makes me want to punch something so the least said about that the better, but it’s lovely to know that Wilson has a wonderful home for xmas!

    Have a great day tomorrow.


  2. love love love love love love love love love!!!!!!!!!
    that’s nine loves and nine exclamations! because nine is my favourite number. 🙂
    and dogs are my favourite things on the entire planet.
    my little gwendolyn is a huge fan of greyhounds! she mets them on the streets and gives them her best smooshie mouthed floppy eared extension of LOVE!
    congratulations on the new addition to your family. i am so happy for you!
    happy christmas!

  3. have a merry christmas.
    I’ve been reading through many of your pages (because I miss your writing). Thank you for the wisdom.

  4. Aww, he is adorable 🙂 Possibly not small enough to hide from the landlord though if you dog-napped him…!

    “I mean, I used sherry to cure my apple vodka-induced hangover earlier! It’s all good…”

    That may explain how you got a photo of a sunset in the morning 😉

  5. I adore how Wilson takes up 3/4 of the couch, and how the dalmatian takes up the rest of it! My sister had a rescue greyhound named Loco, who was an absolute doll and also very gentle. I am half in love with your Dad for saving Wilson! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your family. Merry Christmas to you!

  6. It’s so sweet to see them together; the Dalmatian looking daggers and wilson just lounging morosely taking up his fair share. I rescued a bunny; he died within two weeks as we found him stray and thought he had simply run away; now we think the owners realized he was going to die and just chucked him on the street. I’ve never met a bunny who would sleep on my chest and cuddle me for no end; but I’ll miss him and I’m glad I made his last two weeks comfortable. A month later I rescued ANOTHER rabbit, this time a baby so I’m preying she’ll grow strong and healthy and live forevermore.

  7. Your Dad is awesome, Katie 🙂 He deserves a gold medal for rescuing this doggy!
    Merry Christmas, and enjoy the rest of your holiday!


  8. Merry Christmas! Hope Wilson and Rufus get on well too!

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