And the winner is…

I replied to comment number 3 so I took myself out of the list; anyone replying below Fiona will be one place higher than their original comment.

1. Charlotte
2. Emma
3. Fiona
4. Moon tree
5. Kris
6. blueeyedheart
7. Briony
8. Helen
9. elk
10. Hayley
11. neutrinogirl
12. Andrea
13. Danni
14. Bethy
16. Judith
17. Jennifer
18. pensandpotions

Aw, I wanted to send you all calendars 😦 it made me happy that everyone showed so much interest because I do love taking pictures! But the company took forever to send me the first lot so if I ordered more you might not get them until March, and I’d have to charge because I’m broke and can’t afford to buy and post 18 more 😛 so probably not very realistic! Maybe I should do some more next year, order twenty or so and have a few for sale. Thoughts?

Anyway – I used, because it’s useful like that!

That would be elk! Send me your address and I’ll post it out ASAP 🙂


4 responses to “And the winner is…

  1. Yay I hope Elk enjoys the calendar, and thank you for the excitement xx

  2. Congratulations to Elk – I know how thrilled she’ll be with her prize 🙂


  3. 😀 😀 😀
    I didn’t expect that! I’m so excited I want to use the words ‘blimey!’ and “I’m well chuffed!” (neither of which I ever really use..)
    Thank you so much Katie! This is way better than that time I won an easter egg for drawing a hedghog in the rain when I was eight.
    I’ll bookface you my address.

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