Tonsillitis and cake

I have tonsillitis. I haven’t had “WTF is that on my tonsils”-itis for about twenty years.

But it is okay, because Audrey made me Battenberg cake. I LOVE Battenberg, but the commercial variety contains milk. This one is dairy and gluten free, and very nice with it.

Who couldn’t love cake which is this entertaining even before it’s cooked?

I’m not a particularly pink and girly type of girl, but did you see the cake? IT’S PINK. I would’ve been just as impressed if it had been blue or green, but the cake, it is pink. PINK.


It’s EDA week in the UK next week and I have two talks and five hours of leafleting at a local university. If anyone happens to live near The University of York and wants to come to the talk there on Wednesday evening, let me know and I’ll give you more details. I must recover from tonsillitis by then so I a) can talk properly and b) am no longer delirious enough to giggle about pink cake rather than imparting knowledge about eating disorders. It could totally happen.

Maybe Battenberg cake will prove to be a cure for bad tonsils.


8 responses to “Tonsillitis and cake

  1. The notion of pink cake is immensely exciting to me, too. When my Mum used to make marble cake for me when I was little, I used to pick around the pink swirls and save them for last.

    I love your happy/slightly hyper posts 😉 Hope the tonsilitis clears up for you though – it must feel like one thing after another! Dear Katie’s body: please behave and be nice to her, because she’s being rather kind to you. Love, Jessica.


  2. pensandpotions

    I had tonsillitis a month or two ago. Like you, I’ve not had it since I was a kid. It still hurts just as much though 😦

    Get well soon, munchkin. Remember not to push yourself too hard over EDA week.

  3. That is not pink, it is RED!

  4. I get excited by any kind of brightly coloured food, so pink cake amuses me too. (Dragon cakes are awesome too…)
    Anyway, I’m in York and I want to come to your talk!

  5. Gawd bless CAYK!

    Yeah, tonsilitis is foul, foul, foul. Did you know about that spray from the chemist? It numbs your throat, so if you are still sore next week, get some. But use it short term: its how Adele got a haemorraged nodule!

    Love your blog by the way – good luck with the lecture!

    X Clarissa

  6. The first banana cake I ever made (back before I was in double digits) I insisted on adding red food colouring to. I don’t know why, other than PINK BANANA CAKE! I made a green cake shortly after, and no one really ate it. What’s wrong with green cake, eh?
    I am in awe of Audrey’s Battenberg dedication.
    Get well soon to your tonsils…it ain’t fun when it looks like they’re rotting and feel like they’re full of glass. Also, I would LOVE to have been around York to hear your talk. Grumble grumble. But hopefully you will give us a recap, ey? ; )
    Now, go get better! And eat that cake!

  7. It’s a very clever cake 🙂

    Hope you are feeling at least a bit better… Tonsillitis sucks. Tonsils are somewhat vestigial by the time we’re adults. I wish they would shrink, shrivel and drop off when we’re kids.

    I hope to see you in York! Can you e-mail me the details?


  8. mmmm cake ….let them eat cake!!

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