Dinosaur cake is a sign of maturity

I thought I would let you all know that I started my counselling placement this week so I’m going to take my blog offline in a couple of days, to remove identifying details, make posts with photographs of me private, etc. I’m not really updating very frequently anymore so I’m not sure how many people would notice if it did disappear for a couple of weeks, but it would seem kind of immature and attention seeking to put that to the test, and I am 28, not 12!

But before that, a bit of an update is due. I’ve had a good couple of weeks – for one thing my birthday was last Saturday and Audrey made me a cake with dinosaurs on it, because as I mentioned, I am highly mature and…stuff. The cake was marbled Battenberg (the pink and yellow mixed together rather than in blocks), covered with marzipan, decorated with those funny sugary silver balls because I happened to see them in the supermarket when we were doing our weekly shopping and say that I loved them when I was a kid 😛 behold!

Why yes, those are (well, were) dinosaur candles too. As I said on Facebook at the time, I am so going to marry this woman one day.

Continuing on our highly mature theme, we went to a local marine life centre for the day, where we squealed over the otters (they smell awful, but they’re so cute!) and were comprehensively soaked by playing seals jumping up to catch fish thrown by the staff. But despite the weather being appalling here the rest of the week – floods, gales, the works – it was beautiful on Saturday. There was a bank of cloud about half a mile in from the coast which stayed where it was all day, leaving the sky completely clear over our heads.

Just like that, in fact! I kept expecting the clouds to steal our sunshine but they seemed content to hover just out of the way.

Other than celebrating the fact that I’m still alive (whoo!) with wine and dinosaur Battenberg, I have been busy returning to college for my second year, starting a photography evening class, and, as I said at the beginning of this post, finally getting going at my placement. I saw my first two clients on Tuesday at placement number 2, a local high school. Placement number 1 is still lacking in clients, but now the university students are back in town they are confident of things picking up – they always do in the autumn. There’s a lot I could write about my placement, but as I am eminently googlable at the moment, I need to sort my blog out first. What I can say now is that my first sessions were both far easier and far harder than I expected. Easier in that although I was a quivering idiot as I walked up to the school, once I was there I felt a lot more relaxed, and everything I’ve read and practised and discussed in class just sort of fell into place. The main problem I ran into – the hard part – was that one of my clients reminded me an awful lot of myself when I was her age. It was like a crash course in counter-transference, to use the lingo, but having been prepared for that sort of thing I recognised it for what it was and kept it in check. I have supervision next week, so I’ll have lots to talk about there!

Anyway, I will leave this update here and say goodbye for now. When I’ve sorted out the privacy issues I’ll be back, and I might even post more often than I have been doing so far this year. I think being relatively happy, out of crisis and having Audrey to chat to on a daily basis has just sapped my need for online interaction – it’s not just my blog, I’m much less invested in every internet-related activity I was up to my ears in last year, and that’s a wonderful thing for someone whose entire social life was conducted online during her late teens and early twenties. But it would be useful to me to record my thoughts about my placement (in a data protection friendly way of course – I meant my reactions to and feelings about it rather than anything about my clients!) and other counselling-related stuff here, so I think the blog will continue for now. I would also like to get back into my photograph of the week posts now I’m actually studying photography, and I’m already planning this years’ calendar. So I’ll leave this post up until Saturday, when I should get a chance to start editing stuff.

See you later 🙂


7 responses to “Dinosaur cake is a sign of maturity

  1. Well I miss you – lots. I am happy you are happy but I miss your blog. xx

  2. That cake is brilliant! You are one lucky woman, Katie, to have such an awesome partner 🙂

    I wish you all the best with the counselling; and I am so happy you had a great birthday.


  3. I would marry anyone who baked me a cake like that as well 😉

    Glad everything is going well at the moment – obviously I did notice you weren’t around online as much but I would much rather you made up for lost time in other areas of life, and did whatever made you most happy and content.

    So exciting about the counselling as well – I think your clients are very lucky to have you and it is nice to know that now there is at least one good counsellor out there 😛


  4. That cake! Could be professional, it’s so cool!
    Good luck Katie. Will miss “hearing” about things, but so excited for all that’s going on in your life right now =]

  5. Love that cake!

    Although I am not commenting much – I will miss you but I am looking forward to hear about how you handle your experiences at your placements. When it doesn’t kill you, it can only make you stronger.


  6. I squee-ed over the cake too. 22 going on 5? Also I requested access before seeing this post… sorry! x

  7. A lurker who finds your blog really inspiring – wishing you all the best with the counselling, photography etc.

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