Time for a change

I love this blog. Genuinely, it’s been a huge source of comfort and support for the last six years. My life would be unrecognisable if I hadn’t started writing it – I even met my wife through a mutual friend who I first got to know through blogging! I’m also very attached to the name 😉 which is understandable, because it is fabulous. However. This week I started a new blog, where I can be a bit more anonymous and talk about subjects I’m not hugely comfortable reaching the extent of the audience this blog has/has had in the past. If anyone wants to know the address of the new blog, it’s likely that I will be willing to share it, so please email me (my email is that way –> )

Because I have started this new blog due to privacy concerns, if anyone does find a way to discover it without me telling them (unless you follow me on twitter, where I’ve been sharing links), I would be really grateful if you could let me know so I can plug any gaps.

Love to all of you who have read and replied. Even when I’ve not been up to replying to individual comments, they really have been appreciated. I do still intend to update this blog every now and then – certainly no less frequently than I have been doing for the past two or three years!



One response to “Time for a change

  1. Fiona Marcella

    all the best for blogging and for life in the future – I shall miss the title too

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