The High Level Bridge across the Tyne

My dalmatian Rufus, for mum’s birthday

A copy of an Escher I did in hospital at 17

A ballerina copied from a book when I was very bored in hospital at 22

Uh…I painted this after a meeting with my psychiatrist, again while I was in hospital. I think it gives you a good insight into HIS character 😛

My GCSE final exam


Monet project

Still life

6 responses to “Art

  1. Ahh!!! I’m so excited that you’ve finally decied to reveal more of your art.

    Your landscapes/Monet project in particular are just fantastic: such a vibrant yet intricate interplay of brushstrokes and marks, and a wonderful sense of light and illumination.

    And the stuff you did for GCSE? It’s sickeningly good: you should see the disasters I produced at that age. Your work has such maturity too it…I look forward to seeing more!


  2. Wow. I’m in awe at how talented you are!

  3. UMMM I had no idea you were an artist!! What the heck!!!!! You are so talented…..


  4. These are really, really, incredible. Have you done any lately, or was it more of a past passion? They are all really breathtaking.

  5. Wow, serious talent alert! 🙂 Stunning.

  6. Wow! You are so talented!

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