Ten things…

This is the tail end of my post from this morning. 🙂

See, the downside of compulsive honesty is that I don’t think I have any secrets left to tell you guys 😛 still, lets see what I can come up with…

1. A tributary of a local river runs through my back garden. The river is called the Piddle!!

2. Despite the fact that I am currently studying for a physics degree which requires a lot of maths, my lowest GCSE grade was in maths (I got a B, and that was only because I got a medical certificate exempting me from one of the exams because I had a bit of a, um, panic attack. Oops. Still, maths has that effect on a lot of teenagers!)

3. Despite my horror of maths as a teenager, I thoroughly enjoyed doing my weekly maths coursework in York. I love solving problems. It’s probably one of the reasons why I am so analytical and relentless practical when it comes to recovery – I look at myself like I would a science experiment 😛

4. From posts on various websites now saved to my computer or printed off, letters I wrote to my psychologist when I was 17/18 and paper journals, I have a sort-of-diary running back to when I was 16. I fully intend to write a book one day. I am going to wait until I am recovered though. There aren’t enough ED related books which end with the author being recovered.

5. I am the only vegetarian in my family. I randomly decided to stop eating meat when I was 9, after seeing a documentary about meat production. What I was doing watching such a thing at the age of 9 I don’t know! My vegetarianism precedes the eating disorder by three or four years, I don’t think one has anything to do with the other in my case.

6. My favourite actor is Robin Williams and my favourite film is Hook 😉 I also love Patch Adams, Awakenings, One Hour Photo, Mrs Doubtfire (I could go on all day!).

7. I also own all nine seasons of The X Files on DVD 😛 I’m not entirely sure if I got into it in the first place because I had a crush on Mulder or because I wanted to be Scully! Although heck, I was 14 at the time, it could have been the other way round…

8. When I was an occupational therapy student I had a placement shadowing an OT in the psychiatric hospital I was admitted to a year later. After I was admitted I avoided the OT department for a month (although my supervisor came up to the ward to see me), before giving up the last of my self respect and going anyway thanks to extreme boredom.

9. You probably already know that me and psychiatric medication don’t get along (I’ve been med-free since October 2007)- but I also extend this to painkillers, indigestion remedies, antihistamines, caffeine, alcohol…with the exception of the caffeine in chocolate and the occasional nurofen if I’m really in pain, I never take any sort of drug. Not that I judge other people for doing so, I’m just too sensitive to them! The amount of caffeine in a can of coke used to give me palpitations 😛 epic fail, nervous system.

10. I am named after my dad’s great aunt Kathleen. Mum wanted to call me Helen, but she was in too much pain after giving birth to me so dad got to the registry office first, the git. I hated my name when I was a kid, but I quite like it now. At least I wasn’t one of the six or seven Katherines in my year at school – 1984/5 were great years for Katies of various sorts!

Three good things about today:
1. After mentioning poi on my blog earlier I got my favourites out this afternoon. I started trying to teach myself to juggle again too. I was aaalmost there when I was in York, but then I lost interest when I was ill. I will learn to juggle yet! I love poi, it’s so rhythmic and relaxing.
2. My stomach has calmed down a lot since yesterday! I’m still not sure what’s upsetting it, but I appreciate it not being upset a LOT.
3. The skies are lovely and blue again – another good night for astronomy? Fingers crossed 😀


9 responses to “Ten things…

  1. Hi Katie!! I’ve been following your blog for a while now (but don’t write me off as a stalker just yet! ;op ) and just wanted to say that I’m really proud of all the hard work you’re doing and progress you’re making. I know it’s far from easy, but you’ve got the determination to beat your demons once and for all and I’ve got every confidence that you will.

    I remember you coming to look at Bangor uni and staying at the YH……you brought your poi with you and I’d never heard of them, let alone seen anyone play (is that the right word?!!) with them, so it’s great to hear that you’re beginning to enjoy them again.

    Btw, my friends live in Puddletown, which i think used to be called piddletown….changed for obvious reasons!!!

    Anyways lovely, you take care and keep the positive thoughts coming!

  2. laurasworthlesswords

    hehe river piddle, called me childish but that made me giggle 🙂

    I like the idea of your book, put me down for a copy!

  3. I’m horrible at math too. Oooh you are so lucky to have a cute river behind your house. So relaxing! And your idea of making a book is fabulous!

  4. hey katie,
    i have commented on your blogs once before telong you that i was also studying physics as part of my major. i really think that your blog is a wonderful inspiration for many of us here. when i heard about your recovery blog i was so impressed by your dedication to help other fight this ED. i will be following this blog now more closely and i am really looking forward to getting to know you better.
    have a wonderful weekend

  5. I love Robin Williams! He is such a fabulous person all around.
    Math and I are like a recovering anorexic and mirrors, we just don’t get along. ;] I do well enough grade wise, but you better believe I cringe through every moment. I was always so jealous of those ‘math brains’!

    Your name is seriously so beautiful! It has such a lovely flow factor to it.

    I loved your list girlie! You are such a ‘chill’ person, if you get what I’m sayin’.

    I’m so glad your tummy is settling down. And dude, you’re a juggler now too!? You’re like all the hobbies I always wanted to have epitomized. :]

  6. My lowest GCSE grade was a B in maths too! I was actually so relieved to even get that, because I taught myself for the whole of year 11 and maths was something I’d always struggled with…I thought I shouldn’t have been entered for the higher paper and was destined to get a ‘U’ for ungraded!

    If you wrote a book, I would be itching to read it! I’m so glad it’s something you have in your mind to do because I think there’s definitely a readership out there for someone as talented and articulate as yourself.

    And I love your name! At least you weren’t called Jessica Zara! How pretentious does that sound?

  7. Hey,

    I am also the only vegetarian in my family. And it is sometimes hard and not very practical (especially now that I am cooking for me and my boyfriend for 5 years!).

    Yet, it feels good to follow an ethical reasoning – here are mine:


  8. my vegetarianism & ed are completely unrelated. not that my IP treatment team believed me :/

    xfiles!love. i was so in love with scully. still TOTALLY am.

    L. x

  9. Thanks for sharing the 10 things 🙂 I always love hearing more about you. I have to work on my list 🙂

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